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I believed that I was stupid and not talented.
And I felt like a total and abject failure.
So, I used to be sixty pounds heavier.
And I grew up in a morbidly obese family.
And I really wanted to escape that fate but I couldn't see any way to do it.
All that I had was this crushing sense of being adrift at sea and not knowing how to get back to shore.
I could see the failure, I could see that I had no plan, that I no longer knew how I was gonna get where I wanted to go.
And I didn't believe that those were things I could change about myself.
They felt like a prison sentence or if I am honest it felt like a death sentence.
And it was coming to the realization that I wasn't talented.
That really forced me to look for a new mindset that would allow me to escape depression because I was coming to the world with my hand out, and as long as I was coming to the world with my hand out, I was at the mercy of other people.
I wanted to take control.
I was gonna have to take control of the resources and in that was a desire to find another way to think about it.
Another way to think about myself, another way to think about talent, another way literally think about everything.
And I remember saying to myself: listen pussy, stop asking yourself what the least you need to do is and start asking yourself how much you can bear.
I began to develop a growth mindset.
I needed to believe that by working really hard that I can get better at anything.
If that were true, then I just needed to buckle down.
I needed to practice, I needed to get good, I needed to do the reps, I needed to put in the effort, I needed to be willing to break myself in half to get so good that people couldn't ignore me.
The way to do that: act. That's it. You need to get out there.
Do something. Right now today. Literally stop this f**king video.
And whatever it is, if you already have a passion, you are so much farther ahead than the vast majority of human kind.
If you know what that thing is, get out and act.
And by the way, if you don't know what it is, act, it's the only way you are gonna find out counterstep.
Go try things, it is in the process of action that you are going to learn the things you are going to learn.
But you've been thinking about starting a business, f**king start it.
Like actually build the product right now. Today.
You will learn more, infinitely more in the process of trying to create it and make it real than you ever will by watching videos, by thinking, by meditating , by taking notes.
None of it compares.
It's not even in the same universe. It is just going and doing it.
One step is better than a hundred hours of quantification.
Running a hundred miles an hour in the wrong direction is better than standing still.
You'll learn something. So get rid of this notion that you are gonna end the day with a perfect record.
You're gonna fail, you're f**k up, you are gonna try a thousand things, and 999 of them are not gonna work.
But whatever you want. Whether you don't ask yourself where you are today, ask only,"who do you want to become?"
And are you willing to pay the price to get there?
Why people are convinced that they shouldn't act until they have it all figured out.
F**k that you should act right now today, no matter how chaotic your vision, no matter how chaotic your life, no matter how much you have going on or you already working 2 jobs , 3 jobs doesn't matter.
Take an action today or you never will!



ダメ人間なんていない!自分の才能を見つけよう!(How to Find Your Talent | Tom Bilyeu | Goalcast)

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