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  • Hi, it's Dr Sam Robbins

  • So today, I'm going to talk again about masturbation.

  • It's interesting how many questions I get asked about this topic.

  • However, as I've stated before, this channel is for YOU and I discuss topics that you're

  • most interested in and have questions about.

  • So with that said, let's discuss today's question:

  • Dr. Sam - I heard and read that masturbation can shrink your penis, is this true?

  • I masturbate about 3-5x daily, sometimes as often as 7x daily.

  • I'm worried.

  • I don't want my penis to shrink.

  • Hell, I want it to get bigger.

  • Anyway, what's your thought?

  • Growing up, I never thought that masturbation would shrink my penis.

  • I mean, this was never even talked about with my buddies.

  • But these days, I get asked this question a ton of times for some reason.

  • So, here's the truth - YES, masturbation can cause your penis to shrink.

  • Actually, let me rephrase that, excessive masturbation can cause shrinkage.

  • Of course, the next question is, what's “excessive”?

  • Well, 4-7x daily is a lot.

  • In fact, if you're masturbating that often, daily, every day - you need to get a job or

  • something because you've got way too much time on your hands.

  • And I've spoken about theNegative Effects of Masturbationin another video, which

  • I'll give you the direct link to that at the end of this video.

  • Masturbation Is Normal and Healthy, But...

  • Let's get something straight before I continue - Masturbating is normal and healthy.

  • Men and women do it.

  • You've seen dogs hump your leg or a toy, they do it too.

  • And, when you're younger and have higher testosterone and optimal hormone levels, you're

  • hornier and will masturbate or have sex, more often.

  • And with that said, I think 1-2x daily is plenty.

  • What's Excessive Masturbation?

  • Now, another question you may be asking iswhy or how does excessive masturbating

  • cause penis shrinkage”?

  • Well, it's very similar to working out.

  • Even though your penis is an organ consisting of spongy tissue, it still contains muscle

  • tissue - more specifically, smooth muscle.

  • Not the same as your bicep or chest muscle, which is called skeletal muscle.

  • Needless to say, and even though it's notclinically proven”, you can most certainly

  • grow your penis and at the same time, shrink it.

  • TRUST ME ON THIS, growing your penis is very possible and it happens plenty of times.

  • It's been shown with lots of guys.

  • And don't even bother posting something below in the comments section arguing otherwise.

  • Now, I'm not going to talk about penis GROWTH today.

  • However, excessive masturbating call lower testosterone levels and create hormonal imbalances,

  • which can cause penis shrinkage.

  • If you masturbate or have sex 1-2 daily, it's fine.

  • But if you do it many times daily and thus, “excessively”, then you'll have hormonal

  • imbalances many times during the day, all of which, over time, can cause penis shrinkage.

  • Additionally, just as LACK of use will cause shrinkage, so will OVER use.

  • Just like going to the gym - you don't want to under or over train, if your goal is maximum

  • muscle growth.

  • Remember, everything in the body requires stimulation and recuperation, if you want

  • progress.

  • Even your brain - you need to learn something new daily, read more, and so forth to continue

  • to build new brain cells, synapsis and so forth.

  • That's the stimulation.

  • While at the same time, you need proper sleep, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals to help

  • the brain recuperate and thus, remember what was learned to prevent memory and cognitive

  • problems.

  • Yes, I'm simplifying it all - but I hope you get the point.

  • So, stimulate your penis.

  • Get erections.

  • Do Kegel exercises.

  • Have sex or masturbate.

  • Have orgasms.

  • Then, let it rest and recuperate.

  • I guess like anything life, moderation is the key.

  • Lastly, you may be wonderingwell, how much will it shrink if I masturbate excessively”?

  • I have no idea.

  • Anecdotally, it's not much.

  • More girth than length.

  • Maybe half an inch or so, maybe more if you've got more?

  • But it's not just about the shrinkage, it's about having optimal hormone levels so you

  • perform at your best, now and in the future.

  • It's about penis and prostate health.

  • So, there you have it.

  • Stimulate, then recuperate.

  • Below this video in the description area, I've got some other videos about this topic,

  • that will help give you additional clarity.

  • Thanks for listening and have a happy and healthy day!

Hi, it's Dr Sam Robbins


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