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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 88. The noun phrase today is boo boo. Okay . So

  • let's take a look at the note here. So we actually have two meanings for boo boo

  • today. A boo boo is a blunder or a slight mistake. Yeah. So if we say to boo boo

  • maybe we're trying to be cute or we're trying to make the mistake not seem so

  • serious . That could be a reason why we might use the word boo boo for a mistake.

  • The second meaning of course is a boo boo can also refer to a minor injury.You

  • know such as a cut or a slight injury. Usually used by or to children. So when

  • you're talking to children, you know you say oh you've got a boo boo or you

  • know or the children may come and say \"Mommy I got a boo-boo.' Something like that. So

  • we often use boo boo in this way. All right. Let's continue. You may see boo boo

  • written as two words or you may see it written as a single word with a hyphen

  • in between. So you might find it both ways. There's some dictionaries that you

  • know think both are acceptable. Let's go on. Some people think the word boo boo

  • meaning a slight mistake may have derived from the word boob meaning a

  • stupid person. So we're looking at the origin the meaning with you know a

  • slight mistake they think could have come from boob a shorter form of boob.

  • meaning you know that then and it turned into boo boo over time. Maybe it sounds

  • logical. All right. Let's continue. The meaning of boo boo as a slight injury has several

  • possible origins that different people debate about. Some think it comes from bubo.

  • A swollen lymph no like a little bit of a blister or something. I guess it's

  • possible. Maybe that could be the one of the ways it started. Others think

  • it may have been borrowed from the French word ah bobo meaning a pain or

  • injury. A third group thinks it may have come

  • from the sound of weeping like right. ( crying sounds)

  • sometimes you see that like in cartoons or something like that. Boohoo you know,

  • so maybe it sounds like boo-boo. They don't sound kind of logical. Okay. Anyway,

  • Let's look at some examples of the ways we hear these two meanings used. Okay. So

  • the first one of course ... The first two actually cover like a mistake. So I need

  • to erase this. I made a boo-boo. All right. Yeah. So maybe yeah let me just erase it

  • fix it pretty easily. So again , we tend to use it more with a slight mistake or or

  • somebody's trying to sound cute or something like that. All right. The second

  • one. Be careful you don't want to make any boo-boos. Okay. That's another way you

  • might hear it used. All right. And of course the third and the fourth one

  • would be with the slight injury. Let me see your finger. Do you have a boo-boo ?

  • So again this would be like talking to a small child. Oh are you hurt ? Let me see your

  • finger. Do you have a boo-boo ? Show me your boo-boo. Something like that.

  • And number four here. It says here. This you've probably heard a number of times before,

  • especially a mother saying let me kiss your boo-boo, and make the pain go away.

  • Does it really work ? I don't know, but maybe it helps a little bit. Okay. Anyway, I

  • hope you got it. I hope it's clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 88. The noun phrase today is boo boo. Okay . So


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