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Speaking English is not easy.
The best way to get better is to practice speaking with other people or in a class.
But you cannot always find a person to practice with or a class to take.
So, how can you practice speaking English alone?
I will explain three ways to improve your speaking when you are alone.
The first way is to read aloud.
It is very simple and easy to do.
If you read aloud, then your tongue gets used to making the sounds in English.
You get comfortable saying the words.
So, when you actually speak English, it will be easier for you.
So, the next time you are reading at home, try reading a few pages in a loud clear voice.
It is like practicing dance steps at your home.
If you do it enough then later you can do it without thinking about it.
The second way is to do “shadow reading”.
You will need a text and audio for this one.
For shadow reading, you will listen and speak at the same time.
So, as you listen to the audio read the text aloud.
Don’t just read in your head.
You have to say the words loudly and clearly.
Try to follow the pronunciation and speaking style of the speaker.
This is really hard to do and you will not be able to do it perfectly.
That is okay.
If you keep practicing, then it will get easier.
I recommend choosing a short text.
It should not be longer than 30 seconds.
And you should practice more than once.
It is best if you practice each one 5-10 times.
This way you get used to saying the same sentences and words.
Last, a great way to practice speaking English alone is to use the apps by TalkEnglish.com.
The “English Speaking Practice” app is great for beginners and intermediate learners.
And the “English Conversation Practice” is great for intermediate and more advanced
With these apps you can see hundreds of real English conversations.
You can listen to native speakers and hear clear pronunciation.
You can practice shadow reading.
You can use the practice conversation feature to actually do one part of the conversation.
You can even record your voice to hear how you sound.
I highly recommend using these apps and methods to practice speaking when you are alone.
If you do, then when you actually speak English with another person it will be much easier.
Check out our website TalkEnglish.com for many great English lessons and free apps.
Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook for even more useful
English content.


一人で英語スピーキング練習方法!ー英語の最速習得(How To Practice Speaking English Alone - Learn English Fast)

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