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Good morning everybody!
I'm back in London
or I've been back in London
it just feels like
kinda weird, cause for a whole week I was starting off my vlogs with a different language all the time
but, yes, in London
and today I'm getting breakfast at this place called Jimmy and the Bee's
and apparently they won an award
so, let's go inside
I actually set my stuff down and already ordered so
let's go in
I was editing vlogs, but then they were here to accompany me!
Joan: She won one of the lipsticks,
Which I'm not wearing
J: They're from Berlin and they're leaving tomorrow...?
Joan: Today!

So good thing that I'm still here
and then she just arrived~
She also came and we're matching!
We're both wearing blue
We're taking pictures now and then I'm going to say bye to all of them
And then the meet-and-greet will be on Saturday. I have decided to have it at Tate Modern
because all of these people are telling me not to have it at Westfield because it gets really crowded.
So Tate Modern, stay tuned on Instagram stories and Twitter because I'll tell you guys my exact location
Tate Modern it is!
We're getting lunch at EAT
(so cute she's having a hard time opening it hahaha)
K.Choi: Perfect for a rainy day
Joan: Yeah, it's raining outside!
Wow, this is really good!
(lmao the bus driver did you guys see)
Joan: We got the good seats~
K. Choi: yes!

J: and now we're on our way to Kensington Palace,
It's raining...
K: But that's London
I mean, we've been spoiled by great weather for the past--
I don't know all the days I've been here so far, the weather has been really nice
So, yeah, its finally raining
As you guys can see
A rainy timelapse
Made it to Kensington Palace!
It's actually her first time
Uhm, it's my favourite out of... I don't know, I didn't go to that many palaces
But I like this one because there's a really peaceful atmosphere here because of the green garden
So green here!
Now we're gonna go get pudding!
Joan: What are we getting?
KChoi: Sticky toffee pudding
Joan: Okay
It's so good!
Joan: I didn't know pudding was dessert in the UK
K.Choi: Yeah, in British English
J: So they don't have the term dessert?
K: No
Since it's raining outside,
We decided to get some grocery shopping done
So we don't have to eat out for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner so we can save money this way
Of course
This is, this is the section
Gotta love bread!
Gotta get jam for our bread
But also, I want beans.
Joan: Is that it?
K.Choi: Yes

Joan: Beanz
K.Choi: Yes
I fell in love with it after-
I wanna pick up some snacks
I'm gonna pick up two
Should I pick up three?
My brother and my mom, we all really like this.
I'm gonna pick up four
Because we can eat one together!
You need to try this,
This is amazing
And then... Cadbury chocolate!
Which one do I want?
These are a pound
You all know I love bread
And you all know that I love chocolate
But the third, like a close third, would be chips
I really like savoury chips-- or crisps in this case
Alright guys, I'm gonna do a grocery shopping haul for you
First we have,
the Heinz Beanz
I don't really like beans but when we had the full English breakfast, I fell in love!
So, we got the beans
And for the beans I also got bread
Well, I can eat this on its own and I think we bought jam for it
We did. We bought, uhm, we got-
This jam,
It's Tiptree strawberry jam
No, Wilkin & Sons Limited-- do you know?
Yeah we did, so this is what we got
for the bread
And the beans
I think we got two beans
Yeah we did
Two beans
and then....
We got, uhh, shampoo, conditioner and body wash
And here!
Is the most exciting
I got four packs of these Quavers, I really like these
And finally... Digestives!
I love eating this with tea
But also on its own
I got the chocolate covered one, this is dark chocolate,
I actually haven't tried the dark chocolate but
Anything chocolatey
I-- I like
so... that's it for the grocery haul and now
it's time to make dinner!
So good
J: You have to try these
KChoi: Okay

J: Right?
Quavers, everybody, cheese
K.Choi: Those are addicting
Joan: Yeah! That's why I bought four packs
And then each one has six bags, so, yay!!
Yeah, that should be good
I can see my reflection on the thing
After a week of potatoes-
I am ready for this (haha)
I don't usually eat ramyun but-- this I am excited about
That was such a great meal
So good!
Ramyun never fails
Alright, umm, now I'm going to edit my video that should be up so,
if you haven't already watched; on my main channel I did the '100 things you should do in London', I'll link it here or in the description box
I worked really hard on it, it took me about four days to film that
Well I hope you guys find that video helpful, I also hope you guys enjoy watching this video
Here's the shoutout of the day for this blog right here, thank you so much for putting your hard work into my vlogs.
I really appreciate it
I'll see you guys in tomorrow's vlog!


Rainy Day in London + Grocery Shopping

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