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  • Immediately really gamy tones, which is everywhere. It sits like a topper. It's in every country, but

  • Friends or friends of you, but I believe your parents Amelia

  • We're bit worried because you didn't have that much to do in the first few episodes. No

  • No, yes. Yes

  • Maybe they're like, no it was great

  • But you're sort of not really on very much are you but but then I did encourage them to watch the last

  • Not this last episode with the episode before which in hindsight might have been not the episode to choose

  • View in that it was a little bit. Yes, there was yes, that might be the episode to dip into

  • Mother doesn't watch Game of Thrones. Does she know she stopped after?

  • Season 1 episode. I don't know what it was. It was when some guys arm got ripped off his body

  • She said no, it's too much I'm not doing anymore. No

  • Like she decided to pick it up again later on. Yeah, but chose just the wrong episode

  • which is when I was having my love scene and a cave a

  • Second call going no, darling

  • Love scene in a cave

  • You get fans wanting a really specific thing from you there. Yeah, it's nil on so my character on the show

  • She has a list of people that she wants to kill

  • Well, no she they're all justified

  • And she has a list and she recites the names and she's been through a lot of trauma bit of the backstory

  • And it's what keeps her going and it's what keeps her fighting even though she's lost both of her parents

  • So a lot of people come up to me in the street and they want me to recite the names, but then add their name

  • I would actually like that zone

  • Do you know the names I do yeah. Oh, can you

  • Yeah, yeah

  • It's been quite quickly. Which camera which can message. Yeah. There you go

  • We have you gotten some attention music running we do well, here we go. Who done okay off you go

  • Joffrey

  • Cersei

  • Ilyn Payne

  • the mountain

  • beric Dondarrion

  • soros of man the red woman Tom Hanks

  • Look at you you're wearing modern clothes

  • Nowadays

  • That must be really nice. It was brilliant

  • I mean apart from the fact that like McCall is 45 minutes less in the morning because I don't have to get like

  • three layers of fur and armor on and also it was nice and clean because in Game of Thrones

  • I'd come back every season going this the costume team is so brilliant

  • They make it look filthy and it stinks and it's really crusty and they've just not washed it for three years

  • You've got yeah, I've got the game. Oh and this so do you get bothered all the time?

  • I mean, it's it can be quite intense. But it I think the pinnacle of this intensity manifested itself at a restaurant

  • Fairly recently and I went to the bathroom to the Sun restaurant

  • Yes a restaurant and it's a you know, fairly expensive restaurant

  • And I went into the bathroom and I went into the store and I

  • went to

  • Lower myself into the correct position. Well, I believe to be the correct position and then

  • Under the door

  • and slipped a hand

  • with a phone and the female voice said

  • selfie

  • No, thank you

  • The characters you play have been so iconic people like to dress up as them

  • so we've got we've got a picture of this you and Amelia as the Drogo's and

  • That's for the thing

  • That is that's actual Game of Thrones

  • With professional makeup and the costumes of everything and to bare mind. That's the real thing

  • This is just a couple at home

  • Who've tried to recreate this. It's pretty amazing

  • I'm an all right horse or when they taught me to ride a horse

  • but if we did have a scene where it was a very very fatty horse and

  • Whatever the technique was ever making a horse go little squeeze would yeah

  • Well, I wouldn't with a kick it wouldn't go but anyway, but all the way up

  • Well, we and I were doing our lines and it's a scene where we get quite

  • Always a bad scene. Yeah. Well, yeah. Yes. Yeah

  • Yeah. Yeah, and that was one of my audition scenes which was quite interesting

  • But I thought that the audition scene was the other way around

  • Yes, it was the other way around so in the actual scene it was

  • Alfie

  • Working away on me but in the audition

  • Working away

  • Something she doesn't ask about tunes it needs you talking about Alfie working around you might be quite strange

  • Scrips it was my character. It said Yara, and my character is worrying his cock

  • She is worrying and I obviously sort of understood that to be

  • You know working away back there

  • but anyway

  • Thank and I had to do that in my audition on a chair sort of looking straight ahead

  • Very very dramatically with just one casting director in a room in a very sort of ashamed cameraman go that's not how you do it

Immediately really gamy tones, which is everywhere. It sits like a topper. It's in every country, but


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