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  • Hi, I'm Christopher Rokosz, actor, director of both stage and screen. I want to tell you

  • a little bit about who composed the Phantom of the Opera. Actually there were actually

  • two composers, one is Ken Hill with the Ken Hill version of Phantom of the Opera. And

  • also the very popular Andrew Lloyd Webber, who, well produced the Andrew Lloyd Webber

  • version musical of the Phantom of the Opera. Both adapted from the 1909 novel by Gaston

  • Leroux. Originally published in French, translated into English in nineteen-eleven. Andrew Lloyd

  • Webber, a prolific composer. He won seven Tony awards, three Grammy awards, an Academy

  • Award, a Golden Globe award. In nineteen-ninety-two he was knighted. He also got the Kennedy Center

  • Honor Award. There may be other awards that I'm even forgetting. So he's well renowned,

  • also, his London based theater company, one of my favorite names for theater companies,

  • the Really Useful Theater Company as opposed to the Not Useful at All Theater Company.

  • I think I worked with them in Tampa. But seriously, Lloyd Webber did an excellent job. He has

  • a knack for putting together very popular musicals, sometimes not as critically acclaimed

  • as, you know, as other composers. Now you're saying to yourself, well Chris, you've listed

  • those litany of awards, sure, but we know sometimes awards don't necessarily mean directly

  • to critically acclaimed talent. I enjoy, I enjoy almost all of his musicals but specifically

  • the Phantom of the Opera holds a special place in my heart, those powerful driving beats

  • of the main overture and the title score, to the very high tubular bells inside of it.

  • It's an absolutely wonderful show, so if you like Phantom of the Opera, check out Lloyd

  • Webber, check out his other work and give Ken Hill a try too. I'm Christopher Rokosz.

Hi, I'm Christopher Rokosz, actor, director of both stage and screen. I want to tell you


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オペラ座の怪人について : オペラ座の怪人を作曲したのは誰ですか? (About The Phantom of the Opera : Who Composed The Phantom of the Opera?)

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