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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 55. All right. Let's take a look.

  • The noun phrase today is mood swing. Okay. Let's look at the note here. If someone

  • has mood swings he or she experiences sudden unexpected changes in mood or

  • behavior, especially from happy to sad to angry or really any kind of combination

  • of that, and especially if they go back and forth suddenly and quickly we might

  • say that somebody is experiencing mood swings or having mood swings. Okay. Let's

  • look at some typical examples here. Some women can experience mood swings in the

  • days just before their premenstrual cycle begins. Yeah. So you know their

  • period begins.So this is, this is well known that this can happen to some women

  • in this situation. Number two people who suffer bi-polar disease. I think we also

  • say at manic, a manic depressive. Yeah. Can experience drastic mood swings. Yes of

  • like a manic depressive or bipolar disease. Manic means like you're crazy

  • and have all kinds of energy and depressive then you're depressed you're

  • very sad so you can swing back and forth, especially between those two moods and

  • number three. People who have borderline personality disorder are known to

  • experience intense, intense swings very serious mood swings.

  • Okay. So again, it means your mood changes quickly or suddenly from one to another,

  • especially from happy to sad or possibly to angry as well. Okay. Thank you for your

  • time. I hope it was clear. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 55. All right. Let's take a look.


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英語家庭教師ニックP 名詞句 (55) ムードスイング (English Tutor Nick P Noun Phrase (55) Mood Swing)

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