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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is less than 287. The title of today's

  • lesson is don't say play skating and basically when you should use verbs do,

  • go, or play with sports. Because most students of ESL, if they're going to make a

  • mistake, they're probably gonna make a mistake and use play when they should be

  • using do or go. All right. So anyway, let's, let's take a look at the note here.

  • Use do with sports that don't use any equipment. Okay.

  • Here are some common examples. Aerobics, so we do aerobics. We do martial

  • arts and that's any type of martial arts. You know, karate, Taekwondo. You do them

  • You might actually even be able to use practice with some of these too.

  • Gymnastics and again that would include different types of gymnastics as well.

  • yoga etc. So we use do with these sports. Sports that don't use any equipment at

  • all. Okay and here's some examples. She does yoga every day. Good. My grandmother

  • does Tai Chi every morning. Remember Tai Chi of course is also in

  • the martial arts category. Okay. Let's look at the next part. Use go with sports

  • that end in ING. Okay. So again here's some common examples. Like diving,

  • fishing, golfing, jogging, mountain climbing. So remember we say that we go

  • all these. We go diving. We go fishing. We go golfing, hiking, skiing. We go hiking. We

  • go skiing. We go skating. We go swimming. So any any sports where the word ends in

  • ING you should use go with that. Okay and let's continue. Oh, so here's some

  • examples. My uncle goes golfing every weekend. Yes. She goes swimming every

  • morning. So again use go with ING sports. Okay. Let's continue. Use play with team

  • sports. With team sports or any sport played with a ball. Okay.

  • So again here's some examples. Her brother plays basketball after school every

  • day. So of course that's both. It could be a team sport and it's with a ball. As a

  • child I used to play baseball. So again use play with sports that take a team to

  • play with or sports with a ball. Okay and here's some common examples where

  • students might have messed up. Of course with the X, this is wrong. So a student

  • might say we do play skating sometimes. No. Of course it's ING, so you should say,

  • we do go skating sometimes. All right, good. Again with the X, this is

  • wrong. She plays aerobics three times a week. No. She does aerobics three times a

  • week. Remember, this is a sport without any equipment. So you would say, you use

  • the verb do. Okay. Anyway, I hope it's clear. I hope you got it. I hope it was

  • informative. Thank you for your time. Bye- bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is less than 287. The title of today's


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家庭教師ニックPレッスン(287) Don't play skatting 動詞を使うときは、Do GoやPlay with Sportsを使う。 (Tutor Nick P Lesson (287) Don't Say Play Skatting When to Use Verbs Do Go or Play With Sports)

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