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While most laundry related mishaps do not typically require medical attention, there are some rare scenarios that can result in serious injury or even accidental death!
Have you ever wondered, what happens inside a washing machine once the door closes and the machine is turned on?
Can you survive if you were trapped inside?
Let's take a closer look.
One of the benefits of front load washers is they allow you to fit more laundry into the compartment, which is great for efficiency.
And to prevent you from accidentally opening the door while the machine is full of water, it automatically locks once the wash cycle begins.
But this also means that if someone happens to be inside, they can't get out.
As the limited space in the washer fills with water and you're struggling to breathe, the most pressing concern is obviously how to avoid drowning.
Now, let's suppose you've lucked out and found an air pocket.
You better hope the washer's temperature dial isn't set to hot.
Standard washing machines are capable of heating water to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
Or about 49 degree Celsius.
That's hot enough for a serious scalding.
And prolonged exposure to those temperatures can lead to heatstroke.
But even with a cold temperature setting, you're still in for a pretty bumpy ride during the main wash cycle.
And it only gets worse from there.
The last stage or cycle in most washing machines is called the Spin Cycle.
This cycle uses centrifugal force to separate and remove water from clothing by spinning at speeds of 1200 revolutions per minute.
That's as fast as a DVD spins!
Which explains why most washer related hospital visits are the result of injuries sustained from being tossed around inside while the machine is running.
So be extra careful in the laundry room, and never play in or around washing machines.
What may look really fun from the outside is actually quite dangerous if you're unlucky enough to get locked inside.
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もし洗濯機に閉じ込められたらどうする?(What If You Were Trapped Inside A Washing Machine?)

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