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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 310. The title of today's lesson

  • is the difference between to friend, befriend, and make friends. So we're

  • looking at friend as a verb. We're not looking at friend as a noun. Everybody

  • knows that. That's simple but we're looking at all three as verbs. Okay. Let's

  • take a look at the note here. To friend as a verb, to mean to make friends

  • is a very old use that is rarely used now. So usually we say that we make

  • friends with someone. We don't usually say I friended someone yesterday. That's

  • that sounds awkward. It sounds weird. We don't usually hear that. However to

  • friend as a verb has adopted a new meaning with the advent of the Internet.

  • With the beginning of the Internet, we now use to friend to mean to be added as

  • a friend on a social media website or somebody's page, especially Facebook.

  • So that's the most common you know. You could say that you know, you friended

  • someone meaning you added them to your Facebook page as a friend. You could do

  • that, but we don't usually say to friend somebody like in real life. If we meet

  • them and you become friends but on social websites, we do use it. And in the

  • same sense, you can also say to unfriend. Like if you had somebody as a friend

  • on one of your social websites and I don't know maybe they made you angry or

  • whatever the situation was you don't want them as a friend anymore, you could

  • unfriend them just as easily on the social website. Okay. Let's continue.

  • Befriend has a more formal use. So befriend really does mean make friends.

  • It is but it's used in a different way. It means more like to adopt someone as a

  • friend and treat him in a friendly way, especially, these are the points you

  • should pay attention to, especially someone who is lonely, far from home, or

  • needs help. So usually the person who's giving help or helping out the person or

  • training the person or kind of adopting the

  • person as a friend, they're the one that befriends that person. We don't usually

  • go both ways with it. Okay. So yes, in a friendly way means ...

  • usually it is an older person or a person with more authority or

  • someone who can give help, help is to the person befriends the other one. Just

  • like what I said. All right. Let's continue. To make friends is the most

  • common way we express meeting someone and becoming their friend. So usually

  • when you meet a person and the two of you hit it off. You like each other.

  • You know, you know, of course just in a regular way and it doesn't have to be

  • romantic. It just means that you made friends. Both people make friends with

  • each other. Yeah. So it's kind of on a very much on a mutual or even basis. When

  • you befriend someone, it's usually the person that's kind of helping out or

  • aiding the other person is the one that we say befriend. Actually befriend I

  • think in British English can also have the meaning of to aid or to help as well.

  • Okay. So let's just look at some examples here. Example number one. I friended him

  • on my Facebook page. So only on the social media do we usually use friend

  • that way. That you added their name as a friend on this media. After we broke up, I

  • unfriended her from Facebook. So again well I just like I said you could use

  • unfriend in the same sense. Number three. When I first came to this company

  • I was befriended by a senior employee who showed me the ropes. Yeah. This

  • kind of covers almost all of them. As somebody who's older. Somebody more in

  • authority. Somebody more experienced, kind of help them out. You know, showed them the

  • way. Then in that sense kind of befriended that person. So again, usually somebody

  • that the one that's making friends that's helping out somebody is the one

  • that befriends. And the last one of course you know, I made friends with one

  • of my classmates on my first day at that school. So yeah. That's

  • the most common way. So just think of make friends for almost everything else.

  • Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it's

  • clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 310. The title of today's lesson


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英語家庭教師ニックPレッスン(310) 友達と友達になる、友達になる、友達になるの違い (English tutor Nick P Lesson (310) The Difference Between Friend, Befriend and Make Friends)

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