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- Rihanna, she owns the Met Gala. - Oh yeah, she's the queen.
- You were the host this year. - Yes, I hosted it.
And the theme was heavenly bodies here you are in your lovely bling...[indistinct]
What is it on your head? Because the Bishop said he lent you that.
Stole the hat.
- You stole the hat. - Yeah, she's a thief.
Stole it.
The thing. I don't know, when you see these pictures of all these people do these amazing dress, I was gonna think: how did you get there?
Because that's not a car outfit.
She had the Batmobile.
Just go off wave.
With a wineglass.
Yeah, where's your glass?
Don't ask.
How do you get there?
Well, this one was a piece of cake compared to the yellow situation.
We've got the yellow, this is you in 2015.
Look at that! Amazing!
You're not getting out of the car in that either?
-I did, but I had to choreograph. I gotta stretch, no more girls. I know better.
- I put the...garment, yeah, the Omelette, I put it in the car first and then...
You stopped, dropped and rolled like into the rest into the car?
- Then I had to put it on in the car, but...no, stop! - She was eating when you got in.
- The train actually had to come out first, so that I was this like...dragging it out. - Yeah, did somebody help you?
Six people, and it was all choreographed.
- And were they in the car with you?
- Yes. Yes. Yes.
- Under the Omelette? - I can't lift that thing by myself, I swear.
How did you get up the stairs?
- There's six people helped me up the stairs. -Six people helped, they didn't carry her.
- So what happens with it now? - Yeah, where is it now?
You wore it every breakfast didn't you?
I either keep them in archive or I have to send it back.
So now, you would think that people would just see this beautiful garment on the world wide web and you just admire it.
It kind of, doesn't Rihanna look lovely. But of course they can't...they do compare it, as you said, to this omelette.
They also turned it into a pizza.
Perhaps (the) most delicious of all against to this beef slice.



リアーナ、噂の爆笑黄色いドレスミームについて語る (How the disgustingly hilarious Rihanna memes began - BBC)

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