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  • Bonjour! Bienvenue a Lyon! Welcome to Lyon.


  • As the third largest city in France, Lyon has seen a lot in its 2,000 years of history.

    フランス国内 3 番目に大きな都市であるリヨンは、2000 年の深い歴史を誇ります。

  • But all that history means there is a variety of things to do here in the city.


  • From culinary delights to secret passageways, historic architecture and the largest revitalization project currently happening in all of Europe.


  • So, to help you get the most out of your visit here, I'm breaking down the top 5 things to do in Lyon.

    というわけで、今回はリヨン観光で是非押さえておきたい 5 つのポイントをご紹介しましょう。

  • Number 5, step into the future in the Confluences neighborhood.


  • In stark contrast to Lyon's historic architecture is the ultra-modern Confluences neighborhood.


  • Located right where the Rhône and Saône rivers meet, Lyon's newest neighborhood is currently the largest urban redevelopment project happening in all of Europe.


  • The Confluences district spreads out over 150 square hectares of land and brings together work, living, and entertainment facilities in unique architectural and environmentally friendly design.

    コンフルエンス地域は 150 平方へクターに渡って広がり、オフィスに住居、娯楽施設などが、環境に優しい独特のデザインを持った建物の中に入っています。

  • Make a point to check out the sprawling shopping complex and the Musée des Confluences, the Natural History Museum which showcases over 2.2 million artifacts.

    ショッピングエリアを見て回ったり、220 万点以上の展示品を誇るコンフルエンス美術館は忘れずチェックしておきたいところです。

  • Number 4, learn about Lyon's silk weaving history.

    第 4 位、リヨンの絹織物工業の歴史を学ぶ

  • Silk weaving plays a vital role in Lyon's history.


  • Due to its position on the Rhône and Saône rivers, it became the only city in France that was allowed to import raw silk and weave it into various textiles.


  • The Croix-Rousse district was the center of the silk weaving industry in the city and is where you can learn more about it today.


  • Pop into Maison des Canuts where you'll learn about the invention by Joseph Marie Jacquard of using perforated cards to produce patterned fabrics.


  • Another option is Soierie Vivante, one of the last family-owned workshops in the area.


  • In the trimmings workshop you'll get live demonstrations of trimmings being assembled on looms that haven't been moved since the 19th century.

    トリミング工場では、19 世紀から同じ場所で稼働を続けているはた織り機による実践を見学することもできます。

  • In the weaving workshop, you can see how silk workers lived and worked in the same space plus how the looms evolved from hand to electrical powered machines.


  • Number three, get lost in Lyon's traboules.


  • The traboules are secret covered passageways found in the old parts of the city, some of which date back to the 4th century.

    トラブールとは、旧市街の一部に残る秘密の裏路地のことで、中には 4 世紀ごろに使われていたものもあります。

  • They connect the buildings and courtyards and weave their way up and down various staircases.


  • During the height of silk production, they were used to transport silk goods to avoid any damage happening to the products.


  • Today, there are estimated to be about 40 traboules open to the public.

    現在はおよそ 40 のトラブールが一般に公開されているとみられますが

  • Most of them are found in Vieux-Lyon and Croix-Rousse and many are marked with a special seal.

    ほとんどはヴュー・リヨンやクロワ ルースに位置しており、多くが特別なマークによって印が付けられています。

  • Number 2, explore the Fourvière district.

    第 2 位、フルヴィエール地区を探索

  • Rising high above the Saône river is the Fourvière district, a charming and popular area to visit in the city with lots to see and do.


  • At the top of the Fourvière Hill is the Basilica de Notre-Dame de Fourvière.


  • It was built in the 1800s and features intricate detailing both on the exterior and interior.

    1800 年代に建てられたこの教会堂には、内装・外装ともに細やかなデザインがちりばめられています。

  • On the south side of the Fourvière district are the vast Roman ruins.


  • There is the partially intact ruins of a Roman theatre dating back to 15 BC.

    紀元前 15 年にまでさかのぼるローマの劇場の遺跡が今でも一部原形を残しています。

  • And a 2nd century Roman Odeon where concerts and operas are performed in the summer months.

    そして 2 世紀のローマ劇場では、夏の時期になるとコンサートやオペラが催されています。

  • At the base of the Fourvière district is Vieux-Lyon, the city's oldest district.


  • This picturesque area is lined with narrow cobblestone streets and features well-preserved buildings from the Renaissance period.


  • In the 60s, the fate of Vieux-Lyon was uncertain as many of the buildings had become inhabitable.

    60 年代には、多くの建物が老朽化から居住不可能となり、ヴュー・リヨンの将来が危ぶまれました。

  • But the city stepped in and Vieux-Lyon became the first protected historic district in France.


  • And the number one thing to do in Lyon?

    そしてリヨンで是非やっておきたいこと第 1 位は、市内グルメ探訪です。

  • Eat your way through the city.


  • While Paris may be the capital city of France, Lyon is the gastronomical capital of the country.


  • From street-side markets to over a dozen Michelin-star restaurants, there's something for every palate and budget in Lyon.


  • So make sure you pack your stretchy pants!


  • Make a point to pop into Les Halles de Lyon, created by famed French chef Paul Bocuse.

    この室内マーケットにはリヨン周辺から集められた食材を扱う 60 以上もの露店が立ち並びます。

  • This indoor market features over 60 food stalls showcasing the best regional products found around Lyon.


  • Also, don't leave the city without grabbing a meal at a bouchon.


  • These are traditional restaurants found only in Lyon that have deep historical roots within the city.


  • Bouchons are typically family-run and feature menus filled with hearty homemade dishes.


  • Alright, so there you have it!


  • My top 5 things to do in Lyon, those things that I feel you cannot miss when you're here visiting the city.


  • If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below this video.

    それから、まだの人は私の YouTube のチャンネル登録をして、旅行に役立つ情報を定期的にチェックしてみてください。

  • Also please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't yet already so you can stay up to date with all of my latest travel adventures.


  • Thank you all so much for watching. We'll see you soon.

Bonjour! Bienvenue a Lyon! Welcome to Lyon.


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