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  • Why do we love chocolates?

  • Chocolate is one of the most craved foods in the world.

  • It just melts in our mouth and tastes so good that many of us are ready to eat them at any given time.

  • Now, one of the reasons why we love chocolates is because they contain a substance called anandamide.

  • In Sanskrit, 'Ananda' means 'bliss'.

  • Now, when we eat chocolates, anandamide present in them binds to special receptors in the brain giving us bliss and joy.

  • Thus making us love chocolates.

  • Some chocolates also contain substances like theobromine.

  • It is thought that this theobromine makes our brain produce anandamide by itself.

  • Making sure that we feel blissful after eating chocolates.

  • Now, before going further, I'll ask you a question.

  • Severe theobromine poisoning due to eating chocolates is more likely to occur in: Human beings.

  • Mice.

  • Dogs.

  • Rats.

  • And your time has begun.

  • Think fast and write your answer or correct option in the comments section.

  • And the right answer is option number 3, that is, dogs.

  • Now, let's continue with our video.

  • In addition to this, most types of chocolates contain sugar to make them taste sweet.

  • Sugar activates the reward system in the brain due to which neurotransmitters like dopamine are released.

  • Dopamine gives us pleasure and makes us feel good.

  • As it makes us feel good, we tend to eat more chocolates to get the same feeling.

  • Thus, we get addicted to chocolates.

  • Moreover, whether it is milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate, there are numerous varieties to choose from.

  • Also, there are dry fruits like raisins, almonds, cashew nuts, etc. which we generally like.

  • When these dry fruits are added to chocolates, the desire to eat chocolates increases.

  • Also, according to a study, it is observed that salt suppresses bitterness and increases sweetness.

  • Now, let us hold on for a second and try to answer a question.

  • According to a research, how does salt suppress bitterness?

  • By restraining our sense of smell.

  • By neutralizing our bitter taste receptors.

  • By neutralizing our brain cells.

  • By making the food more acidic.

  • C'mon guys.

  • Start typing your answers.

  • The correct answer is option number 2, that is, by neutralizing our bitter taste receptors.

  • Now, let's get back to our video.

  • Hence, while preparing desserts like chocolate cakes, cookies, brownies, etc.

  • A little salt is added to them, making the desserts more inviting and tempting.

  • Thus, we easily get attracted towards them.

Why do we love chocolates?


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