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  • You want to go see a movie?

  • I told you I had to spend all day

  • clearing out stuff so Mike could move in.

  • Now that I'm here I

  • might as well help you with the cleaning

  • and organizing. I just happen to have my

  • label maker. It's so hard to get rid

  • of stuff. Did you and Chandler have to

  • make compromises when you first moved in

  • together? Chandler did. What does he want

  • you to give up? A bunch of stuff and the

  • worst one, he wants me to get rid of

  • Gladys. Who's Gladys?

  • What a tragic loss! Yeah I really hate

  • to give her up. Oh! I know! Oh you should take her

  • Oh I don't know, oh... You don't like her?

  • Well of course I do!

  • What's not to like? I'll take her in a minute.

  • But, you know, I think that you're giving up

  • too easy, honey.

  • I think that you need to fight for her. Really? You think?

  • Absolutely! Yes! You say to him, "I'm sorry,

  • Mike, I can't live it without her! She means

  • too much to me!

  • Okay, I'll fight for her, okay. Oh wait oh

  • I just realized if I do that,

  • that means you don't get her.

  • Damn it! I did not think this through!

  • What is this thing doing here?

  • I got it from Monica. She sold it to me

  • for a very reasonable price.

  • Joey, we're not keeping this! But it's an original thing

  • Alright fine. You can keep it as long as

  • you don't mind that she's haunted.

  • Well legend has it, Joey, that

  • she comes alive when you're asleep.

  • She climbs out of the frame and then drags

  • her half a body across the floor, just...

  • looking for legs to steal. And then with

  • her one good hand she slowly reaches up

  • and turns your doorknob...


  • I sold that to Joey! Well, I told him

  • it's haunted. Two can play at this game!

  • No you can't give it back! Yes I can!

  • No you can't she's yours! She's yours!

  • She's mine! She's mine! You guys! you don't have to fight

  • over her anymore.

  • whoever doesn't get Gladys gets Glinnys!

  • Gladys?

  • Third time this week! Man, this does not

  • get old! You're mean! Don't be such a baby!

You want to go see a movie?


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