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You want to go see a movie?
I told you I had to spend all day
clearing out stuff so Mike could move in.
Now that I'm here I
might as well help you with the cleaning
and organizing. I just happen to have my
label maker. It's so hard to get rid
of stuff. Did you and Chandler have to
make compromises when you first moved in
together? Chandler did. What does he want
you to give up? A bunch of stuff and the
worst one, he wants me to get rid of
Gladys. Who's Gladys?
What a tragic loss! Yeah I really hate
to give her up. Oh! I know! Oh you should take her
Oh I don't know, oh... You don't like her?
Well of course I do!
What's not to like? I'll take her in a minute.
But, you know, I think that you're giving up
too easy, honey.
I think that you need to fight for her. Really? You think?
Absolutely! Yes! You say to him, "I'm sorry,
Mike, I can't live it without her! She means
too much to me!
Okay, I'll fight for her, okay. Oh wait oh
I just realized if I do that,
that means you don't get her.
Damn it! I did not think this through!
What is this thing doing here?
I got it from Monica. She sold it to me
for a very reasonable price.
Joey, we're not keeping this! But it's an original thing
Alright fine. You can keep it as long as
you don't mind that she's haunted.
Well legend has it, Joey, that
she comes alive when you're asleep.
She climbs out of the frame and then drags
her half a body across the floor, just...
looking for legs to steal. And then with
her one good hand she slowly reaches up
and turns your doorknob...
I sold that to Joey! Well, I told him
it's haunted. Two can play at this game!
No you can't give it back! Yes I can!
No you can't she's yours! She's yours!
She's mine! She's mine! You guys! you don't have to fight
over her anymore.
whoever doesn't get Gladys gets Glinnys!
Third time this week! Man, this does not
get old! You're mean! Don't be such a baby!


English with Friends

1029 タグ追加 保存
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