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(koala chewing)
Hi baby!
Is that a delicious leaf?
(family and crowd singing) ♪ Happy birthday dear Bindi, ♪
♪ happy birthday to you! ♪
[Robert] Hip hip--
[Crowd] Hooray!
[Robert] Hip hip--
[Crowd] Hooray!
Hip hip--
[Crowd] Hooray!
Happy birthday Bindi!
(crowd clapping and cheering)
Bindi's an interesting person.
She's a little bit like Steve and a little bit like me.
And as she grew up she had this passion
and affinity for wildlife like you wouldn't believe.
I just loved absolutely everything.
I loved every single animal and wanted to hug it
and kiss it no matter what. (laughs)
Hi sweetheart.
Look at those eyes, they are just giant and adorable.
[Zookeeper] We're just about to put him back in the pouch.
[Bindi] Oh my goodness you are so small.
Aww sweetheart you are so beautiful!
Look at your wagon!
I wish that I had a wagon to get around the zoo in.
(lemurs chittering)
Have you guys been having family issues?
(lemur chewing)
Are you ready love?
This is it!
Here you go, I'm gonna set you right here
and you can just go.
And you're free, you're wild.
I wanted to be just like dad.
I wanted to be catching snakes and wrangling crocodiles.
(people cheering) (water splashing)
Dad was very kind, he started me off slow.
So I was known as kind of the gecko hunter
to begin with (laughs)
and then worked my way up to snakes and things.
[Wrangler] Beautiful!
[Terri] Growing up Bindi was very special.
And as an adult she still has that determination.
Five, eight.
Two, seven, five, eight, got it!
Snout vent next.
Not everyone knew Steve was a very
science-minded person.
He published a number of papers,
and he loved the research part of conservation.
And I've noticed that's Bindi's passion.
This little crocodile can hardly even
feel what we're doing when we're taking these
teeny tiny tissue samples.
So about that deep in?
Yes, perfect.
Some people will say to me,
"Will you ever stop working with wildlife?"
"Is this ever going to get boring for you?"
And I think my jaw drops to the floor every time
someone asks me that.
This is living the dream.
This is who I am.
(airplane engine)
It's the little things in life right? (laughs)
(dramatic music)
(water splashing)
(birds squawking)


Bindi Irwin Is All About Continuing Steve Irwin's Legacy

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