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  • (koala chewing)

  • Hi baby!

  • Is that a delicious leaf?

  • (family and crowd singing) ♪ Happy birthday dear Bindi, ♪

  • happy birthday to you! ♪

  • [Robert] Hip hip--

  • [Crowd] Hooray!

  • [Robert] Hip hip--

  • [Crowd] Hooray!

  • Hip hip--

  • [Crowd] Hooray!

  • Happy birthday Bindi!

  • (crowd clapping and cheering)

  • Bindi's an interesting person.

  • She's a little bit like Steve and a little bit like me.

  • And as she grew up she had this passion

  • and affinity for wildlife like you wouldn't believe.

  • I just loved absolutely everything.

  • I loved every single animal and wanted to hug it

  • and kiss it no matter what. (laughs)

  • Hi sweetheart.

  • Look at those eyes, they are just giant and adorable.

  • [Zookeeper] We're just about to put him back in the pouch.

  • [Bindi] Oh my goodness you are so small.

  • Aww sweetheart you are so beautiful!

  • Look at your wagon!

  • I wish that I had a wagon to get around the zoo in.

  • (lemurs chittering)

  • Have you guys been having family issues?

  • (lemur chewing)

  • Are you ready love?

  • This is it!

  • Here you go, I'm gonna set you right here

  • and you can just go.

  • And you're free, you're wild.

  • I wanted to be just like dad.

  • I wanted to be catching snakes and wrangling crocodiles.

  • (people cheering) (water splashing)

  • Dad was very kind, he started me off slow.

  • So I was known as kind of the gecko hunter

  • to begin with (laughs)

  • and then worked my way up to snakes and things.

  • [Wrangler] Beautiful!

  • [Terri] Growing up Bindi was very special.

  • And as an adult she still has that determination.

  • Five, eight.

  • Two, seven, five, eight, got it!

  • Snout vent next.

  • Not everyone knew Steve was a very

  • science-minded person.

  • He published a number of papers,

  • and he loved the research part of conservation.

  • And I've noticed that's Bindi's passion.

  • This little crocodile can hardly even

  • feel what we're doing when we're taking these

  • teeny tiny tissue samples.

  • So about that deep in?

  • Yes, perfect.

  • Some people will say to me,

  • "Will you ever stop working with wildlife?"

  • "Is this ever going to get boring for you?"

  • And I think my jaw drops to the floor every time

  • someone asks me that.

  • This is living the dream.

  • This is who I am.

  • (airplane engine)

  • It's the little things in life right? (laughs)

  • (dramatic music)

  • (water splashing)

  • (birds squawking)

(koala chewing)


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