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You know? I could eat a KitKat any time of day!
In fact , second only to actual cats, the great candy bar that's meant to be shared is the most-talked-about topic on the internet!
And there's good reason too.
In Japan there're always no less than 3 flavors of KitKats in circulation.
Of course there's the regular kind, a dark chocolate and green tea.
You can find those at any supermarket year round.
But then there are special kinds of flavor always in rotation.
Pumpkin, sake, mint, apple pie.
I like that one because its shaped like the Easter Bunny's ears.
This new one is a little strange.
It's got nuts on it, that's cool!
But there's only one bar?!
Now I guess that's how they get you.
It says it came from the KitKat Chocolatory.
What's that?
A chocolate factory?
A laboratory?
Maybe it's a little bit of both, but it's an actual place!
There are several Chocolatories across Japan.
You can find one in Sapporo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka and three in Tokyo.
The three in Tokyo are at: Ikebukuro Station, Shinjuku Station, and Tokyo Station.
If you live in Japan or are just passing through, you'll likely be at Tokyo station at some point.
It's a major hub for the Shinkansen, also known as the bullet train.
Honestly there isn't much to do around the station, but underground is a whole town unto itself with all kinds of shops and cool things to eat.
Tucked away in all of these under Tokyo station is a Chocolatory!
At these shops you can buy specialty-made KitKats.
The flavors change often and once they sell out of the batch that they've made for the day, that's it, all gone!
The store has a handy menu to help you out.
On this day they had strawberry, maple and butter.
Oh... and can we talk about price for a minute?
I know it's a fun and cool thing, but really?
432 yen for one pack?!
It's a lot of money for a little bit of joy.
In addition, the special flavors come in cool premium style boxes.
There's also a cool display window showing KitKats throughout history, in many colors and varieties.
And hey did you notice?
The chandelier hanging down from the ceiling is shaped like KitKats!
So if you pass through Tokyo station or any where else where there's a KitKat Chocolatory, pick up a KitKat and give yourself a break!



あなたは知ってる?外国人おすすめのキットカットショコラトリー (Japanese Kit Kat Chocolatory With A Million Flavors! - Only In Japan - GTV)

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