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Our next guest had her wisdom teeth taken out last week,
and then got really upset when she found out
I wasn't there to support her.
Take a look.
What, honey?
Was Ellen there?
Ellen who?
Ellen DeGeneres, Mom!
Why would Ellen DeGeneres be at your oral surgery appointment?
Because she should at least support me.
It's-- it's not right!
Why would Ellen DeGeneres--
Support your wisdom tooth removal?
Because, she should be there to support me, and she wasn't.
It's not fair.
Honey, Ellen does not know you.
Mom, yes she does!
Don't say that about her.
Honey, Ellen is famous.
She does not know you.
I'm famous, too!
You're being ridiculous right now.
You also know she should have been there to support me.
I'm was there to support you.
I'm your Mom.
But you're not Ellen DeGeneres, though.
From Marshall, Missouri, please welcome 16 year old
Emma Lee and her mom Jennifer.
OK, so first of all, the way I knew about this,
I actually sent this to my producers,
and I think it only had like 8,000 views at the time.
Bruno Mars sent it to me.
I got to text--
Are you serious?
Yes Bruno texted me and said, look at this.
And I don't know how he knew about it,
but he saw it, sent it to me.
I got in touch with the producers
and I said, find them.
Right, right.
So that's how I knew about it.
So funny.
It's hilarious.
Why did you think I should be there to support you?
I don't know.
I've never actually met you before, obviously,
so I don't really have a reason.
Well, when she said Ellen, too, and she said--
I forget what you said at the beginning.
Something like, Mom?
Where's Ellen?
And I was just going through my brain thinking, what relative
do we have that is named Ellen?
Right, right.
And then when she said Ellen DeGeneres, I mean--
I was just like, oh.
So when you started filming because she was saying
ridiculous things already?
So many ridiculous things.
I have 15 to 20 different videos.
She's very upset, was very upset, that she
didn't get lip injections.
I guess her lips felt swollen.
So you thought you--
you were happy that you got lip injections,
and then when they wore off, you didn't get them?
Well, I was like, do my lips look big?
And Mom was like, no, I was like,
so I didn't get lip injections?
And Mom was like, no.
And I was like, well, I want to.
All the celebrities have them, and she was
like does Ellen have big lips?
And I was like, no.
No I don't get lip injections.
Were you driving?
I was.
I was driving.
Because how were you doing that?
I mean--
OK, so she had a tonsillectomy last November,
and I wish I had--
Don't get off the subject.
You were driving.
I know, I know.
So I didn't have my phone with me
then, so I had had it charged, and was driving
with my left hand, I just had the video out over here,
because she was so funny, and I wanted
to show her dad and her siblings how hilarious she was.
But you didn't want to pull over.
You thought I got to--
Right, right.
I got to drive and get this for her dad.
I know, it was not good.
All right, so we're going to take a break.
I've only seen that one video.
Apparently there's another one where
you're really angry at me, and they haven't showed me this,
so we're going to--
I'm going to watch it together with you,
and we'll see if I like you.
All right.
So let's take a look.
To not come there for me is like, she's a horrible person.
I will never watch her show again, just because of that.
Well, she probably didn't know you were having your wisdom
teeth out today.
That is not an excuse.
Well, how would she know?
Because she's Ellen.
She knows everything.
I'm a horrible person.
All right.
So again, I apologize that I wasn't there.
It's all right.
And I love that it was no excuse that I didn't know
about you teeth, or know you.
So I don't want you to be disappointed with me ever
I really try to support everyone,
whether I'm there or not, so I got something for you.
Bring it out.
Oh how funny.
My own stand up.
So whenever you're anywhere, I recorded a few things.
This is your friend, Ellen DeGeneres,
and I'm here to support you.
Oh, that is great.
I heard you have a test in school today.
You're going to do great.
Hey, Emily.
It's Ellen.
That's all.
I just wanted to say hello.
Emily, just a reminder to set your clock back in October.
Good luck on the SATs.
My new clothing line, EV1, the collection is at Walmart now,
so, you know, I support you, and so you can support me
by buying one of everything.
That's what friends do.
That's great.
So yes.
You bring this anywhere, and in that way
you show her that I'm there.
To support her.
Absolutely, that will really help.
You can put this in the car with her, and you know.
It'll go great on the airplane.
That's for you.
Speaking of airplanes, we want to send your family
to Cancun for a five night stay, so we are going to--
Oh my goodness!
Oh my goodness!


Teen Who Couldn't Stop Talking About Ellen While Under Anesthesia Visits Show

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