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I'm Stephanie Essin.
Welcome to IDZ Weekly.
CES this year brought some
awesome innovations all around.

Intel showcased
technologies to power

smart and connected devices
from edge to cloud and software

developers everywhere now
have even more opportunity

to utilize these
new technologies.

Announcements from Intel spanned
PCs, servers, and new devices

in diverse growth segments,
including AI 5G and autonomous

Intel leaders discussed
the innovation

necessary across the data center
cloud network and the edge

to enable new form factors
and user experiences.

These Intel innovations
include the latest Intel Xeon

scalable products shipping today
with advanced AI and memory

capabilities, and 9th Gen
Intel Core desktop products.

Let's zoom in on one of the
most exciting announcements,

Project Athena.
It's an innovation
program and set

of new industry specifications
developed to help usher

in a new class of
advanced laptops designed

to enable new experiences and
capitalize on next generation

From delivering the
first connected PC

with integrated Wi-Fi in the
Intel Centrino platform--

bit of a throwback-- to
driving mainstream adoption

of super thin and light
designs, touch screens,

and two-in-one form
factors with Ultrabook,

Intel is uniquely positioned to
be the catalyst in delivering

the next gen PC experience.
Combining world class
performance, battery life,

and connectivity in
sleek beautiful designs,

the first Project
Athena devices are

expected to be available in
the second half of this year.

If that wasn't exciting
enough for you,

check out the links to read
more about what was announced,

and get inspired for a
new year of developing.

See you next Monday.


What New Innovations from Intel Were Unveiled at CES 2019? | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

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