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(horse galloping and neighing)
(bright music)
Hey everyone and welcome to my spring 2018 morning routine.
First thing I do is wake up in an effing panic because my alarm is so loud.
Got straight out of my damn REM sleep.
(alarm beeping)
Press snooze, do it again.
Press snooze, do it again.
Convince myself I can do things faster than I actually can.
Pretty sure it'll take me like, four minutes to do my makeup and like, seven minutes to get to downtown.
Convince myself I don't even need to do other things.
(alarm beeping)
Actually, yo, I showered yesterday right?
Like, I'm fine.
Look at the time and panic because holy crap, I really need to get up.
And then scroll through Instagram for 25 minutes.
Tell myself I'll get up at an even time like 9:00 or 9:10 but now it's 9:11 and so, I might as well wait until 9:30.
Finally get up, brush just enough.
Pee and scroll through Instagram for another 10 minutes.
Try to do, literally anything with my hair.
Regret not washing it the night before.
Feel bad about it.
Promise to do better.
Spoiler alert, I won't.
Put on the bra I've been wearing for the past month.
Enter my closet full of clothes and decide to wear the same clothes I wore yesterday and hope no one sees the foundation stains on my neck.
Moisturize only where my jeans are ripped.
Do my makeup super quickly because I'm so effing late but then, usually pause to play some music, you know, get in the vibe.
(bright reggae music)
And then resume frantic makeup.
Notice my pimples and promise to drink more water today.
Spoiler alert, I won't.
And evenly fill my eyebrows and wonder why I'm like this.
Put on foundation that will further stain my clothes.
Think I look cute for like a few seconds.
So I try to take an OOTD, but then I realize, ugh, my mirror is too dirty and also, I actually don't look that great.
(dramatic music)
Suddenly get anxiety and worry about irrational things completely out of my control.
What if nobody actually likes me?
Wait, am I ugly?
Do people talk about me behind my back?
Try to fix it with positive self-talk.
You are strong.
You are smart, you are...
Rush out of my house.
Come back because I realized I didn't start my vlog.
Welcome back to Lilly Singh's vlog where we hustle harder and productivity lives here.
Please watch my vlogs even though I don't like things on fire and do stupid crap.
Grab a bar of anything for breakfast.
Definitely be late to wherever I need to be.
(car horn honking)
Make up an excuse.
Sorry, traffic was horrible.
Commit to waking up earlier tomorrow.
Spoiler alert, I won't.
Oh my god, thank you so much for checking out my morning routine.
If you can relate 'cause you're a regular person, make sure you click the thumbs up.
You can check out my last video right over there.
A huge shoutouts to Kate Spade for helping me recently with my girl love event.
Make sure you click right there to check out the documentary in support of our On Purpose line, it's awesome.
And subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday.
One love superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop.



私の本当の朝のルーティン|Get Ready With Me!

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