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So for this first day trip in Taiwan we are in Jiufen
Very famous and touristic city
The name of the city Jiufen means "Nine portions"
Why nine portions? Because during Qing Dinasty there were 9 main families there
So every order coming from Jiufen was requesting 9 portions
The city really became more famous since the last 15 years
It's because of Miyazaki's Anime movie "Spirited Away"
Named "Le Voyage de Chihiro" in French
People said that Jiufen was the village inspiring the one in the movie
But Miazaki publicly denied this...
And actually started to become famous earlier, end of 1980s
With the Taiwanese movie "A City of Sadness"
So it's because of this first movie that the first tourists started to visit Jiufen
However nowadays it's really Miyazaki who made the place so famous, not on purpose
Nice spot, next to the water... Well not really NEXT to the water but...
A wonderful view
Far away we can see Keelung, a small city with a big harbour,
The biggest harbour near Taipei, 2nd biggest in Taiwan after Kaohsiung
A few more details in case you also want to visit Jiufen
It's very easy to come from Taipei
You take the bus 1062 at MRT Station Zhongxiao Fuxing Exit 2
It's really a few meters from the exit
Look for big blue buses "Keelung Bus"
And that's it, it costs around 100 NTD one way, with bus going to Jiufen every 15mins
So it's trouble-free
Well that was a really good place, it was this shop
If you pass by don't hesitate, it was cool
I like to follow girls in dark places...
Pretty girls....
?? Long Shan ?? Shan ?? Dao!
That's it! Ok we are not fluent enough in Chinese yet...
Back in the Nature for nice hiking session
Basically the goal is to reach the top there
But hum...It's just the goal you know
(Victor) - I'm going there!
Hum ok see you later :O
All this part is Jiufen
And all this is a cemetery
It's half the size of city! Really joyful...
Here are, at the top of Keelung Mountain!
If someone can distinguish the sea from the sky, please speak up
Please speak up!
Really nice day, we did many things
Next videos: big trip to the south of Taiwan (Tainan, Kaohsiung, Kenting)
It's promising too... So see you soon!!



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