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You go in there
You race. You win you come back right here and you wear all these pads. Remember if you wreck this body, I can't fix it
Yes, I know
Tonight is not a game
It is a hunt
Kill the girl called Alita
Elena it's a setup. You gotta get out of there. They're gonna kill you
which ones?
all of them
Go easy on me guys. Sure kid
No worries
Alita, run!
My God
Rip that flea
Watch her die
Welcome to the underworld from here, there are worlds above world's above the world's
It's where I used to live
And it's where you're going to die
Dance you little flea
This body
It has the power I need. I feel a connection to it, I can't explain
This could be Who I am
You've been given a chance to start over with a clean slate how many of us get that?
Why did an enemy warship...
Respond to me? because I knew that ship. I've been on others like it haven't I
Haven't I?
oh whatever you were it's not who you are now
I'm a warrior, aren't I?
The woman in my memory called me 99
What you saw was a flash of your previous life
who was I?
In time you'll remember
You told me the story of the war
Where the powerful prey on the weak?
But that's not the way it has to be
Alita is not like any of the characters that I've done before or that you've done before
She clearly is something much more
Than what she first appears to be
She's trying to kind of like channel this power that she's feeling emerging and she starts to realize that she was someone important
I don't know what I am
Yet the most advanced weapon ever
This body, it has the power I need. I feel a connection to it, I can't explain
She has to become a warrior again, but one that now has a conscious, a humanity to them
Does it bother you that I'm not human?
You're the most human person I have ever met
I identify with the journey of this character, realizing she has power, but then what do you do with that power?
How do you decide your own morality? Let it really direct the awesome power that you can possess
She's absolutely fearless
I do not standby in the presence of evil


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1586 タグ追加 保存
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