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  • 808 Mafia

  • Fuck around, parked the 'Vette and didn't even get back in it

  • ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob

  • Redbone bitch, yeah, like Hi-Tech, yeah

  • How do I dress? Yeah, like my flesh, yeah

  • Soon as I roll up, put my doors up

  • Go'n head, pour up, roll a few O's up, let's go

  • Four by four, that tall shit, let's go

  • I jumped in the spot on a tall bitch, let's go

  • I told 'em to get out and bag that, let's go

  • I'm Frank Lucas and Mad Max, let's go

  • I'm high from yesterday

  • Put 'em on bean, yeah, put 'em on all the schemes, yeah

  • Put 'em on lean, yeah, they whippin' them new machines, yeah

  • By any means, yeah, we gotta clear out the scene, yeah

  • I just took an AK to a dinner date

  • I just put some VVs in a Richard face

  • And the presidential is a day-date

  • Hit 'em with that chopper first, Ray J

  • I'm a well known nuisance and my bitch bad

  • Pop one Perc', then you lean like kickstand

  • Skeleton AP, that's a wristband

  • All these niggas shaky, might as well dance

  • I don't trust him, we gon' dust him, that's some Taliban

  • Big foreign truck, it's lift up like an avalanche

  • I'll teach you how to finesse for some big bands

  • I got so many white bitches, Ku Klux Klan

  • I come with the pharmacy, come with the yopper, no harmin' me, no, no

  • Put a lil' hit on your head,

  • they comin' to get you, they slicin' your throat

  • Put a lil' bitch in the bed, we goin' digital, wipin' her nose

  • M.O.H., money over hoes

  • I got that H in front of the lil' boat

  • Got dog food and it's for the low

  • I'm with thoroughbred standin' at the store

  • In expensive threads, head to the floor

  • I know they talkin' shit 'cause they some hoes

  • You know them FN bullets go through doors

  • F&N (F&N), F&N (F&N)

  • F&-F&-F&-F&—

  • F&-F&N (F&N)

  • F&N (F&N), F&N (F&N)

  • F&N (F&N)

  • I was too high for the brodie

  • You beat a body, get a Rollie

  • We don't entertain no police

  • I'm certified with my dodie

  • They would catch hell 'bout woadie

  • Got a bigger scale for the dodie

  • I done met friends in Dolce

  • We done met and chopped it up on some cool shit, uh

  • Only time my slime talk murder's on the cruise ships, uh

  • Got that cutter and it's longer than a pool stick, uh

  • Straight face, no dates, I'm a heavyweight

  • I ain't even gotta tell my dawgs to keep one in the chamber

  • Ready to take it off your shoulder, frustration and anger

  • Yeah, they get it, don't approach us, fuck bein' famous

  • Long as I got my...

  • Let's go

  • F&N (F&N), F&N (F&N)

  • These bullets, they be goin' through doors

  • Drop low, get down on the floor

  • Young nigga, they gon' 'head and wipe your nose

  • F&N (F&N), F&N (F&N)

  • F&N (F&N), F&N (F&N)

  • F&N (F&), F&N (F&N)

  • F&N (F&), F&N (F&N)

808 Mafia


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フューチャー - F&N (オーディオ) (Future - F&N (Audio))

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