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  • Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite

  • #MyWeirdRoommate stories from you guys.

  • This first one is from @hoseway.

  • No, H-O-S-E.

  • Like a garden hose.

  • He says, "My roommate would lay on the couch watching TV shirtless.

  • He would have ranch dressing on one side of his chest,

  • cheese dip on the other, and a mountain of chips resting on his stomach."

  • That's the hose way.

  • That's the hose way right there, man.

  • This one's from @karamisu.

  • She says, "In college, my roommate came to me in a panic and

  • told me her snake got out.

  • I had no idea she had a snake."

  • There's a snake?

  • At 818.

  • This one's from @Jacobchiller.

  • Scary!

  • @Jacobchiller he says,

  • "My roommate would come home drunk holding his shoes by the laces,

  • swing them around like nunchucks, and

  • attack me while I was trying to sleep, yelling, 'I'm Michelangelo!'"

  • "I'm Michelangelo!"

  • This next one is from @audrey87024230.

  • She says, "If the vending machine didn't have cheddar sour cream chips,

  • my roommate would lie on her bed in sadness and say,

  • 'When the vending machine is empty, I am empty.'"

  • -I'm with the roommate. -Cheddar sour cream chips.

  • I'm with the roommate.

  • This one's from @LakeShowFanatic.

  • He says, "I had a roommate that would

  • pour toilet bowl cleaner on his dirty dishes,

  • then leave them in the sink.

  • He said, 'If it's good enough to clean toilets,

  • it's good enough to clean plates.'"

  • What was on the plate?

  • Oh, he's doing chaw too.

  • "Hey, if it's good enough for..."

  • "Good enough to clean them plates."

  • This one's from @jasonaland.

  • He says, "My college roommate bought size 22 sneakers,

  • put them in the middle of our living room,

  • just so when people came over and saw them he could say,

  • 'Oh, my girlfriend's in the shower.'"

  • God, what's ? Where's the win?

  • What did he expect the reaction would be?

  • I guess you'd be like, "Wow. She's really tall."

  • That was a good bit. I kind of like it, man.

  • I give you props. I think it's funny.

  • Yeah, you're going to do that one?

  • I think that's a funny bit, man.

  • This last one here is from @diane-kinkade.

  • She says, "My college roommate tried to kill a spider

  • that was on the window pane with a hammer.

  • She missed the spider."

  • There you have it. Those are "Tonight Show" Hashtags.

  • To check out more of our favorites,

  • go to

Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite


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