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  • Hey! How's it going?

  • Dave2D here

  • So Alienware laptops have been around for a while.

  • There are normally a little bit bigger, a little bit thicker

  • Normally a bit heavier than others gaming laptops out there.

  • But recently they announced the M15

  • This is their 1st thin and light gaming laptop

  • Which kinda goes in the opposite direction with everything I know about the Alienware

  • But they have also done something really impressive this year

  • That i didn't think they would be able to do

  • They have good thermals in this thin and light laptop

  • So here it is, this is Alienware's new 15 inch thin and light gaming laptop

  • And i put a picture of this up on twitter

  • And a lot you guys were asking

  • Does this have the same kind of build quality and durability as their regular Alienware laptops?

  • Because that's what Alienware is been known for over these years.

  • Really good build quality, really tankie laptops and is this as well-built, is this still a tank?

  • Structurally i am going to say yes.

  • It's not super thin

  • If you compare it to stuff like the GS65 or an AERO 15 or Razer Blade

  • those are thinner, this isn't crazy thin

  • But it is significantly thinner than there previous generation

  • And if you look at the build quality across the chassis

  • This thing feels completely different from those other devices

  • There's no flex from the chassis

  • The hing is really well built

  • The top panel has the same kind of finishes as the previous generations with the light up Alienware head logo

  • The inside has this soft touch material

  • But it feels a little bit different this year than it did in previous generations

  • So that actually feels like it could last longer

  • It reminds me of this stuff you see on a higher end Lenovo laptops

  • It feels like it won't degrade over time

  • The bottom panel also metal and I mean like a solid metal

  • This is like

  • It's legit

  • This is the type of stuff you see on really well-built laptops

  • It's only like thin alluminium that can flex easily

  • It's built like an Alienware

  • Feels like an Alienware

  • It's a tank

  • The technical specs are solid to the 2018 gaming laptop that has great components

  • They basically took their Alienware 15 and fit it in to this thinner and lighter package

  • Just running two

  • drive on this unit

  • fast ones

Hey! How's it going?


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