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What's up, guys? Hope you're doing well.
So, today I'm going to be talking about who Jeremy Lin is.
Now for those of you who don't know, Jeremy Lin is a 6’3 guard that plays on the New
York Knicks in the NBA. He's not a black man named Jerry Lin who plays
on the New York Giants. For more on the story, let's send it over
to our reporter on the scene. First, there was planking.
Then, Tebowing. Now, Shao-Lining.
But who exactly is Jeremy Lin, and where did he come from?
The Magruder report investigates the man behind Lin-sanity.
Jeremy Lin Lin-tered the world August 23rd, 1988, in Los Angeles, Ca-Lin-fornia.
It is here when the Linderella story begins. Growing up, Jeremy Shu-How Lin was not your
typical teenager. With his Lintelligence, Lintegrity and Lin-nate
ability, by age thirteen he had already solved the Kobe system.
A strong Christian, after converting from Linduism, Lin is a product of a Lin-terracial
marriage. We caught up with his brother Da'Quann Lin,
who had a lot to say about the Asian Linsation. I'm not going to lie, sometimes he would make
me a little bit Linsane, you know what I'm saying?
I don't want to eat Linguini every day! You know honestly dog, both my parents were
black. We just never told him he was adopted.
Yeah, growing up, we played super Lintendo, Lintendo 64.
We always watched you know, Linnie the Pooh, he loved Toy Story, Teenage Mutant Linja Turtles,
To Linfinity and Beyond. He liked Lin'Sync.
I personally preferred the Backstreet Boys myself.
Growing up he was small, he was tiny. I'm talking he got the Linfluenza
"You are my fire." For some reason, he always liked the New EngLin
Patriots. Lindiana Jones, it was crazy, he used to walk
around butt-naked in the house sometimes. I'm like Lin, put your clothes on!
Because girls didn't want to be his Va-Lin-Tine, you know.
It was crazy! Back then they didn't wanted him.
Now he's hot. They're all on Lin.
My last name is Lin too. We have a very Lintimate relationship. Very
Lintimate, ok? We talk almost every day. Pretty sure he doesn't know he's not black.
Every day I'm shuffle-Lin! Let's look at the facts:
He likes watermeLin, he plays in the NBA, and he's about to go on a date with Kim Kardashian.
How can you get more blacker than that? All he does is Lin, Linsational, baby!
That's my brother shout out...J-Lin, call me when you get home. Woot woo!
He thinks he's the smart one in the family…just because you know he went to Harvard.
People don't know that he went to the Linstitute of Technology before that, though.
We contacted the head Shao-Lin at the Linstitute of Technology.
However, he did not seem very Lintelligent. His power - over 9000!
What are you talking about? Lining, Duhh!
It is clear to see that Lin, lose, or draw Jeremy Lin is here to stay.
We tried contacting Jeremy Lin for this story, but he was unLinterested.
For youtube.com/scootermagruder No jugamos juegos,
Throw me the alley!


Who Is Jeremy Lin - The Magruder Report

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