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  • My name is Shayna Cody,

  • and I go to Bard High School Early College.

  • I'm a twin.

  • I'm so competitive with my twin sister.

  • We compete about everything.

  • When my sister finishes homework before me,

  • she usually rubs it in my face.

  • We're just so competitive about everything.

  • I think a fully-rounded education is not just sitting there

  • doing the work that's required of you,

  • but actually taking the time to, like, focus in

  • and learn what you can out of your classes.

  • I feel like, whatever I do,

  • I want to be the best at what I do.

  • Failure is not an option.

  • My dream job when I leave school

  • is to become a cardiologist.

  • Every Saturday morning, I go to a program

  • called The Lang Youth Medical Program.

  • It's a pre-medical program where we prepare

  • to become doctors.

  • It's a six-year program.

  • I got in at 7th grade in my middle school,

  • and they stay with you all the way up until 12th grade.

  • We learn about viruses,

  • we learn about the body.

  • I feel I've grown a whole lot

  • since I've been in high school.

  • I feel like I've had to grow up.

  • You can't be the same person

  • that you were when you went in there,

  • otherwise, you're not going to get anything out of it.

My name is Shayna Cody,


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TED-ED】Meet Shayna Cody (【TED-Ed】Meet Shayna Cody)

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