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Hi everyone, welcome to my home. It's a beautiful Sunday over here. It's really sunny outside
So that's why I thought I would sit in front of my garden
We have this garden, which is really really tiny
But it suits me because we don't have a lot of time to to take care of it
So but I love having it anyway. Anyway
today, I want to talk about a special topic called "Dying To Be YOU". So instead of dying to be me, it's for you.
It's about dying to be you
And before I go into it, please let me know if my sound levels are okay if the video looks okay
Can you hear me? Can you see me? If there's anything
that's not quite working
Let me know because we only realize it from your feedback how we're doing and also, you know
just pop in say hey and later on I'm gonna go into questions, but what I love is
questions that directly relate to the subject and you'll know more about the subject as I talk about it and
while I'm at it I just want to also say I
apologize to the people whose questions we don't pick up or we don't see or we don't take. I do go back and read later
And then sometimes I'll pick a few questions which I then address the following week, which is what I'll do today.
it's really hard to actually catch everyone's questions because the comments move so fast while the
you know, while we're actually broadcasting. So anyway, I see a comment from Kelly Deegan. Hello. Hi Kelly
I'm talking about dying to be you
and the reason for this topic is because I still get a lot of people who write to me and
they say things like
they wish they had their own NDE in order to understand or in order to get the level of
understanding that I speak about and
So one of the reasons that I share what I share is because I believe it is possible
for you to get that level of clarity without actually dying. That's why I share it. If I didn't think it was possible
I wouldn't be here telling you and making you feel frustrated and
because I share it not because I want you to think hey
I got that level of clarity and like nay nay and boo boo. No, that's not the reason why I do it
I do it I share it because it's like okay. I know what happened and I think
everybody can access it. That's why I share it and
people, a lot of people who have read my book
actually write to me and say thank you for explaining it. I get it
and it changes their lives and
It gives me a lot of satisfaction to hear that
but I still get a lot of people who say that it's easy for you to
experience what you're experiencing or for your life to go the way it is or for you to understand but you died
For us without having had that experience, how can we have it? So that's what today's topic is about and
my belief is that you actually CAN die to who you are
Judy Huang has commented you look and sound perfect. Thank you, Judy. By the way, Judy, thank you for everything
you do. Judy translates my videos into Chinese. She puts Chinese subtitles on them
So please check her out
Please check out her YouTube, but we will be including those subtitles on the videos on my youtube channel
So thank you Judy for everything you've done
Really, I am so grateful to you
So anyway, I actually believe it's possible
for you to die to the person you were yesterday up until yesterday
So here's what I learned while I was in that near-death experience
that leads me to believe that we can all die to who we were and be reborn if that's what we want
So this is what happened to me. I literally died to the person I was. I was this person
who was the people pleaser, the doormat
The one, the person who got so drained and so tired and who would feel so guilty doing anything for myself
that it took cancer for me to actually start taking care of myself
And even then I worried more for other people than I did for myself, even when I had cancer
It was more important to me that other people perceived me correctly or that I wasn't
misinterpreted or that I still worried more about what other people thought and felt than I did about taking care of my own
well-being and it only took death for me to understand it
But here's what I understood in death. What I understood is that who I was before
was shaped by my past conditioning and here's the thing. My past conditioning
was beyond my control
because you are born into it. You may have chosen it from before you were born, but
from the level of this perspective
everything that's happening to you as a child as you're growing up, things that you're buying into, things that you're believing, things that you're
conditioned to believe, none of it is your fault
But they become the filters through which you start to view the world
They become the filters through which you shape your life. Tell me if you think I'm making sense
So here's what it is like, to give you a solid, a tangible example. For me,
I grew up in a culture that was not my own culture. So I looked different
I was bullied at school because I looked different. I was darker skinned
I was hairier, you know, I had more facial hair and hair on my arms and and my hair was frizzier
and I was darker and so I looked different and I was bullied for that and it shaped me into believing that
my physical appearance
was inferior because of my
because of my color because of the color of my skin because of the way I looked
I remember one boy when I was a kid
He actually said to me that I was ugly and that's stuck with me and I really and I believed it
And so what does this do when you start to believe things like that?
What it does is that it makes you hide; it makes you shy away from other people
It makes you afraid to be seen as opposed to
wanting to be seen, so it changes who you are
but it also changes your experience of the world. Now, imagine if you look
if you are somebody whose appearance that everybody around you approves of and is attracted to and
people are saying, oh my gosh, you're so cute, you're so beautiful
You're so gorgeous. Gorgeous. You're so amazing
what that... what that does to you is that it makes you want to be seen; it makes you
want to attract attention and of course that could bring about its own filters and its own
layers and its own
problems maybe later in life that maybe as you lose your looks and you're not a scene
it might bring about an insecurity. But here's the thing.
as we are growing up, we can't control that
But as adults
we still carry that baggage with us and we don't realize it and
we think that what we see is the world around us
We think we're seeing the truth, but actually what we're seeing is through our own filters
so let me give you an example. After growing up being discriminated against for the color of my skin and
believing that it that I was inferior for being... for being browner than everyone else around me or being darker than everyone else
around me
let's say if I'm getting on a flight or something and I get
and I get singled out for a random security check. My head is immediately going to think
Oh, it's racial profiling. Now it may truly be a random security check
But my head is going to assume it's racial profiling because I've been racially
discriminated up to that point and this is what I mean. So you start viewing the world through these filters and
your experiences of the world will start to mirror those filters because
as I said
if you don't want to be seen, you will not be seen, but then
when you notice the people who want to be seen are the ones that are getting chosen and
maybe it's got nothing to do with your appearance or maybe as an adult, people don't
you know, notice your appearance anymore or you you look different as an adult because as I grew up I
did actually start to take more of an interest in how I looked and I I did actually
let's say remove the extra facial hair and, and had my hair done in certain ways, which looking back
I don't think I needed to. However I wanted to fit in. But what happens is
even if I were to look stunningly beautiful at some point that
conditioning has already been
done. It's implanted
I'm still going to
view the world through those filters and I'm still going to process my experience through those filters and I'm going to try
harder than the person who never got discriminated against. I'm gonna try harder than them to fit in
I'm going to try harder than them to be more like them and this is what we end up doing
So what I'm trying to say, so now let's say as an adult
I'm not being discriminated against but I'm going to assume I am, so I'm going to
hide or be more invisible while someone else who's never been discriminated against is
going to be more visible because they're not afraid of being more visible and they're the ones that are going to get picked and chosen
for the part in the movie or
for whatever reasons. They're the ones that are going to get heard; they're going to get seen and that will continue to fuel
my own belief that it's because of my color that I am being treated inferiorly. Does that make sense? In other words
I'm bringing it on myself
by hiding by making myself smaller. I'm bringing it on myself because I believe
that I am inferior and less than because I don't want to be criticized
I don't want to be hurt. It was so hurtful when that happened to me
so I'm gonna protect myself with this layer of coating and
so as I do that, people don't see me and then it feeds into those beliefs and this is how we create
our reality in our world around us based on our past conditioning
What happens is that if you decide to
die to your past conditioning and you decide to just wake up with a fresh clean slate and
see the world for what it is
through clear glass filters with no different colors and layers and things added to it
you will see a very different world and I promise you you will and then you can decide
who am I actually and how do I want people to perceive me?
and you can then choose to add what you want to add because remember when you were a kid, you didn't have a choice
You were being shaped by the environment around you and you just believed it
You bought into it into your education system, your peers, your schoolmates
You just wanted to fit in. It was a survival mechanism at that time. If you were being hurt, you developed layers
so to protect you from being hurt, so it was totally a survival mechanism
Today as an adult when you can see that's what it was
you can choose to put that down and that's what having the near-death experience was
It was putting all that down. It was seeing that it was all the accumulated layers and
coming back reborn with a clean slate as an adult and
deciding what I wanted to take on.
An analogy I like to use which as I've told you, I'm writing my third book which is called "Sensitive as the New Strong"
I actually describe this by using the analogy of if you
imagine that you are carrying, as an adult
you're carrying this backpack with, say, a 20 pound bowling ball in it
it could be a 15 pound bowling ball, 20 pound bowling ball, and you're carrying this backpack every
single day, every single day and you don't put it down and
you look around you and everybody's got their own backpack
Even when you go to sleep, you literally... it just falls off your shoulder when you fall asleep
But when you get up in the morning, you're like, okay
where's my backpack and you put it back on and you go about the world and you go through life
carrying this backpack with this 20 pound 15 pound bowling ball, but as you look around you
everybody around you has this backpack with this... with the... has a backpack
Everybody's backpacks are different sizes, different shapes, different colors, you know, depending on their upbringing and their dramas
but everybody's got a backpack and everybody's
bowling ball or the weight of everybody's
backpack is different. Some have a 30 pound backpack, some have 20, some 10, some 15
but everybody's got that dang backpack weighing them down and they're trudging through life going
Oh, my god life is so hard. It's just so hard. I have to shoulder all this pain and
responsibility and all these problems and everything
Now I imagine one day
you're sitting quietly
you're kind of in a stupor meditative mood and
there's this voice that comes into your head and it says: just put down the backpack what's gonna happen?
And you're like, I can't put down the backpack. I've always worn this backpack. I can't put down this backpack ,and
and this voice says yes, you can just try it and
so you think huh... Okay
so you take the backpack off and you're like
okay, this feels a bit weird, but it feels good
I'm not used to it, but it feels good and you stand up and you're like, oh wow
I feel so light. I feel so free and you just feel amazing
But you're kind of looking around a little bit insecure
But you're thinking no, but this feels good
I don't want to go back to the person I used to be
who is carrying that backpack because that person was getting sick all the time from that weight and
they were tired all the time and they were like... they were feeling drained all the time because of that backpack
I don't want to go back to wearing that backpack anymore
So you go out into the world and people see you and they're like, what's with you? You're different. You're looking amazing
Oh my gosh, and you, and you start telling them, it's like it's that backpack on your back
you can put it down and you say, no, I can't and
and you say yes, you can. It's actually your choice
You can just put it down and be free
free from the backpack
The backpack being the metaphor of all your past conditioning and they tell you... and you tell them they can be free
Now imagine this, imagine if they tell you
No, I can't. How can I be free from all these problems that I've grown up with?
How can you possibly undermine the fact that I've been abused and you're saying it's my fault that I was the victim?
that it's up to me to stop to put my backpack down? How dare you say
it's my fault and you will have people saying that to you. You may even lose friends and
eventually, you know what might happen? If you become so fearful of losing those friends
you may actually put your backpack back on
so that you can again be like everybody else and this is why
transformation is so hard, not because it's hard to let go of your past and die to who you were yesterday
That's not hard
Holding on to it is hard and bringing it into this paradigm, into the... into your life and holding on to it
That's what's hard
This is why I tell people to be aware of this, be aware of what the actual challenge is
The challenge is not in dropping your past programming
It's in living it in a culture or in a reality or a paradigm that you have created
while you were wearing the backpack
You see, the life around you has been created while you were wearing the backpack.
If you want to take off your backpack and live the life that is free of wearing a backpack
you need to create a new paradigm
So it's about changing yourself
but it's about realizing that you now have to go out and look for people who are also
not wearing a backpack
You cannot continue
to be among the people, who are
wearing backpacks and be the only one who's not. Now I'm not saying neglect them, ditch them, be mean. You're not judging them. You're
absolutely not judging them because you were one of them. You love them because you were one of them
but they may resent you for being the one that's doing well
They may resent you for being the one that's flying high. They may make you feel guilty
They'll point out to you all the other people who are suffering and saying, how can you ignore that?
It's all very well for you. Then...This is the kind of thing that people have said to me as well
You have the luxury of doing this but what about all those poor starving people who don't have the luxury?
Here's the thing. You cannot help those poor starving people
if you are one of them. You cannot help them if you're still wearing the backpack
You need to be the one to inspire other people to take off their backpacks
That's what you need to be
And as people take off their backpacks one by one, they will... there will be a trickle effect
They will help those poor starving people to get to a place where they too will see a different world
that's basically
What I wanted to say is that you can die to who you were yesterday at any point in time
You just have to take off that backpack that weighed off your shoulders and
And you have to be prepared that the paradigm around you
may not be ready for it because you have created that life while wearing the backpack
You created that life through the cultural
conditioning that
that you... that you were carrying and so now you are the one that's changed. So it's not their fault.
Don't get mad at them, but don't go back to being that person.
You will inspire them. They will come around and as you stay in that space of being this person
you will attract more people like you. You are creating a new paradigm for yourself
So the thing to do is to focus on, okay
if I am creating myself anew, who am I? who do I want to be?
I have... I don't have that backpack anymore. But what do I want? Well, how do I want to see myself?
Do I want to see myself as someone who's light, who's free, who's successful, who's creative?
How do I feed that creativity? You have to stick to that view of yourself
which is the view created by who you are today, but without all the baggage
without the baggage
So for me to do that when I did that, I had to leave my surroundings
I literally had to leave. Thank God
my husband was with me on the journey and he came with me
But I had to pick myself up from where I was and move to somewhere new
when nobody knew me
So the person they got to know was the person who was already without the backpack. So they couldn't judge me
I hadn't changed. I hadn't become someone different to them. This is who they got to know
They got to know the person without the backpack and it may take that for you to truly change, but
really, that's what I wanted to tell you today. So thank you for listening. And now I would love to go to your questions
Thank you, Raquel Gonzales. So thank you. "Your message is truly beautiful. Thank you for your..." You're so sweet. Thank you so much
And what I'll do is, as my wonderful intrepid husband Danny is looking for questions up and down
I'm going to cover a couple of questions that I saw from
last week or that I've seen on my facebook live. One of them is a question from someone
I think she wrote in and she actually said: are empaths introverted
and I say not necessarily
Not necessarily
you can be an
extroverted empath, you can be an introverted empath. An empath which is someone who feels all the energies around them very strongly and
things that happen tend to get exaggerated in our head so... but I know
empaths who get recharged by being with other people and if you get recharged by being with other people
that would kind of make you an extrovert but I think
mostly empaths are introverted but not totally. I'm forced to be an extrovert because I speak to a lot of people but I do
recharge my batteries by being alone, so it could be a combination. But thanks for that question
Okay. Okay. So we have a question from Judy Vallhardt Harris
"I was terribly bullied by my classmates, and my mom and siblings was so incredibly mean to me"
I'm so sorry to hear that because I know how it feels to be bullied by your classmates and
Your mom is still awful to you and as a result you've developed
Fibromyalgia, I was a doormat and still AM. I'm working on taking my backpack off. How do you suggest I do this?
Okay. So the thing is you need to get away from that environment
You really do need to get away and you need to wake up in the morning telling yourself that
this is a fresh new day. I don't have to carry my past with me
It's... you do need to spend some time. It can be a week. It can be two weeks. It can be three weeks
where you literally feel every day that this is a clean start that I have died to who I am yesterday
and if if you have such a strong conditioning
that has such a strong hold on you, you really do need to get away and like I actually mentioned
I could not be this new person if I stayed in that environment
However years later as I became stronger in this new person
I was able to accept everybody back
I mean I did not judge them because that was the environment I had surrounded
myself in because that was the person I used to be but
But several years later after my life started taking off in a direction
which I feel I was creating, because listen, you have two choices when you're carrying the backpack, you're victim of your life
When you are... when you let go of the backpack and you're free, you are creating your life
so I'm inviting you to create your life and
I am NOT saying that it was your fault that you were the victim and I want to be clear
but it is your choice to
remain the victim or to let go and
heal that and let go of that victimhood and to move forward and to create the life that you want
And it doesn't mean you will be completely
problem-free but your new problems and your new issues will be the result of this new
person who you are and the problems will be more manageable
because you are creating this life from a place of
consciousness and from a place of
becoming somebody who you want to be as opposed from a conditioning that was not your choice
Something you couldn't control. So all those layers were added from when you couldn't control it
In fact, what I am actually starting to do now is I'm creating more
retreats and workshops
that are five days seven day long
for this very reason because I realize that if somebody's been conditioned their whole life, they want to learn to put the backpack down
but they want to do it in an environment that it's safe to do it where you can actually be embedded with five
with a classful of people for five days seven days, but even if you don't come to one of my
Go away for seven days or 14 days. Take a break
take a holiday go to a new environment when nobody knows you and
discover who you really are
That's what it is
It's about discovering who you really are without all the baggage around you. That's so important
That is actually... that was actually equally if not more
important in what I did for
transformation than it was to actually die, because I tell you, if I can tell you this, if it was more important to me
to stay in the environment I had already created as the person who got cancer
I would have just got cancer again
So this is what drives me to even
create these new retreats that I'm doing
It really is so that people are away from their environment in a safe place for five days seven days so they can truly
Get it
Grounded into the feeling of who they truly are inside
another question that I received
or I saw on Facebook, on my Facebook page
was in fact a couple of people have asked this is when they have posted things from other teachers
and they've said to me but so-and-so
seems to contradict what you're saying
Do you agree with their teaching?
So what I want to say, is that every teacher as long as they're coming from a place of love
It doesn't matter whether what we say contradicts each other
It's about them coming from a place of love and about you following the teachers and following what they're teaching
also from a place of love for yourself
It's not about fear
So as long as you're doing it from a place of love and you're not saying oh my gosh
I got to do this because so-and-so said this. If I don't do this this will happen
That's a fear-based reason. But, no, if it's like, oh that person's message resonates. Take it on board
I don't care who it is
Every teacher has their own truths and you're free to swap around or follow one or follow ten
You're a free bird. This is not a cult
So I want to make sure you know that
You're free to follow who you want and not follow who you want and you're free to follow certain things from certain people and
other things from others. One thing I realized I don't talk a lot about is I don't talk a lot about for example
diet reform and
detoxing and and how to detox. That's not my area of expertise and I'm aware
there is so much information out there about it
The hing you have to do is follow what
resonates with you and don't feel fear that oh if I don't do this, if I don't
eat this or not eat this or don't juice or not juice or whatever, I will get sick. I will get cancer
That's not the case
Follow whatever teacher has a message that resonates with you
And if it feels like you're loving yourself by following them, do it
Wayne Dyer used to always say, how can I be of service? How can I be of service?
People have pointed out to me that could
contradict what I say because I say love yourself and being of service is almost like being of service to everyone else and
And it makes you a doormat. Actually. I don't see it that way
I think that the best way that you can be of service is by taking care of yourself
It's by loving yourself and taking off your backpack
And when you are light and free, which is what I feel right now
I can be of the most service to people because I am light and free and I took care of myself first
So the best way you can be of service, how can I be of service?
I can be of service by being who I am, by being light and free and by inspiring others to do the same
So many messages that you may think on the surface
contradict each other. They actually don't
Sometimes when they're taken out of context, they may appear to contradict each other
But they actually don't, as long as the teacher is coming from a place of love
they won't contradict each other and that was a very good question
which I feel needed to be explained and have we got any more questions?
People like to hear your voice by the way, he's being awfully quiet
Where are your retreats? Okay, Sarah Jane Sutherland. Thank you. I will post them here
whether you're watching this on Facebook, YouTube or my newsletter. I will post it on a link
But basically what I have coming up, I have a weekend here in Los Angeles coming up
But I have a um...
Oh ok, great. See, did you hear that voice? That was him
So many people have been writing in and saying he has a great voice for radio and they want to see him. So I
have a weekend in Los Angeles coming up
And the thing is if you attend this weekend
we're actually giving away for free for anyone who attends this an online course
The online course is also for sale on its own
But I believe it's like a 20 week
20... it's um...yes, it's 20 lessons online
and so this one is together with Michael Neal and it's called "Experiencing God" and why we chose that title is because
when you can experience that part of yourself
that is connected to God, you realize there's no separation between you and God
So that's the next one coming up and then I have "Celebrate Your Life"
which is a retreat with lots of my friends, other speakers, which is coming up in November in Arizona
and then I have some exciting long retreats coming next year
which is really what I've earmarked for next year
I have two coming up in Omega, five-day retreats, two coming up at
1440 which is in Santa Cruz, five-day retreats and I have a seven-day cruise coming up in June
I love these five-day seven-day events because as I say that is where we can really get into some deep work of
letting go of that past programming in an environment that's safe for you
I love the cruisers because there's something really special about being out in the middle of the ocean
And kind of and you're kind of cut off because the other thing I warn you about the cruises
is that the Internet's not great. There is internet. You can get contacted in emergencies. You can check your emails but
but people are discouraged from being on the internet all day long. And I think that is so good for you
It's really part of the programming cleanse, the programming detox that we go through
So have we got any more questions? (Danny: we have indeed)
I'm sure we have tons because usually after the event, I go back and it's like oh my gosh
there's so many questions. (Danny: We have... We certainly have lots and lots of questions. I'm just scrolling through them as
while we were pushing up the slides, I lost the next question that I had in mind.)
But yeah, keep asking and preferably if you have questions related to the subjects I've been talking about
that would actually be great
And by the way, thank you all for the love because sometimes I forget to say this
I forget to say how much I appreciate you guys
I think I have the best audience ever ever ever ever because you guys are so full of love.
Your comments, sometimes they make me cry - in a good way
I mean they make me overflow with love and I just ... you really
feed me and recharge me with that and I just love hearing back from you and
it is so rare that I get a comment that's negative or nasty and I feel so blessed because the Internet can be a
minefield and sometimes it's pretty scary, you know when people put themselves out there
but I have really really... I'm so blessed because I really have got the best audience ever
so I just want to tell you how much I love you guys and how much you mean to me and
why I do this is because I hear you
I hear you when you're in pain and you're suffering and.. and.. and that's why I give you everything that I have
So have we got any burning questions?
(Danny: Indeed we do)
(I'm just scrolling through. A lot of these placeholders telling me thank you for your voice Danny and
you're very very welcome. I do hope you enjoy my idle bantering while I scroll through this and...) his radio voice
I think one day you should come on video. We should do a conversation together
(Danny: I'm not a hundred percent sure that that is a good idea.) I think it's a great idea
I think people want to know what you went through when I went what I went
(Danny: I think we can do a pole right here.) Okay. Well here I would love to hear from you
Do you think Danny and I should do a conversation together?
(Gestures asking audience to say yes)
He can't see me right now
Nothing, nothing
Please and I'll get him to read the comments. I actually think we should do
conversation together
Dolce Vita, Hi. "You are so inspiring and appeasing." Oh, thank you. "Life is so amazing." Yes, it is
"I was just talking about you to my best friend when I came across your video." Oh, thank you
"Be blessed." Thank you. You be blessed too
See, that's what I mean. I really... I mean you guys are just amazing
I wish that you, all of you and us, all of us could just hang out together and it would just be this amazing
love fest. It really would. So thank you all. Let's go with one more question. (Danny: I have a question here from Vanessa Diaz)
(I'll punch it up on screen for you.) Hi, Vanessa. "How do you know when it's time to move on from your environment?"
Great question, Vanessa. It's time to move on
when it's draining you, when it's feeling more..., let me see if I can make this really easy
Are you escaping all the time? if you... if you go somewhere fun
like let's say if you go on holiday. Imagine this, you go on this fabulous holiday right now. It's amazing
It feels like an adult Disneyland or something to you. It's whatever. It's your dream holiday
Are you dreading going back home? Are you kind of bummed that I gotta go back home? I gotta go
That's the key. So because the thing is where I'm at right now, I love going back home
I love what I've created. I love doing what I'm doing. When I'm away from it
I go...I only take things, I only take opportunities like cruises and things because I love that
I love going away and I love going back home. And that's what ideally you're trying to create
So here's what happened, what actually told me I needed to move away from my environment
After I had the near-death experience and it was like the backpack had come off and I was a clean slate
I died to who I was yesterday. I was excited, I was buzzed
and then when I went back home, I started to feel the weight coming back because I was getting the same old
programming and again I want to say it wasn't their fault
This was the environment I had chosen to be in when I was wearing the backpack
But it's... I started to realize that everybody expected me to have the backpack, but I didn't have it anymore
but I started to realize when I went away from that environment, I felt fantastic and I dreaded going back and
even... for example
When Wayne Dyer discovered my story and I started
and I started entering a new phase of my life of sharing my story and I had an audience and
I was writing and I was doing all these things but I was away from my environment to do that
I was coming to a different country. I was coming to America, but it's it's irrelevant what country it is
It's about being in a new place where the people are around you feel like your tribe
They feel like they love the new... the person who you are becoming and they are
encouraging you to become the person who you are becoming as opposed to discouraging you
I would... I started and so I was here temporarily and I started to feel every time I went home
I started to feel oh, man. I gotta go back there
That's when you know, it's time to leave
It's time to leave. When you start
delaying tactics
if you're... if you love your work and you keep delaying going home and you dread going home
These are all signs that it's time to leave. It's time to change your environment. So thank you for that amazing question.
I really really hope this was helpful for all of you. I love to hear your feedback
Because it's your feedback that drives me to do more and more. It's your feedback that helps me to know
what it is you want to know and so
And and so this is what digs deeper into me because remember having a near-death experience
It's not like just one dream and it's done. No.
It changes your perspective of life. It makes you see life differently
so every experience I experience is
different from this perspective than it would have been had I been that person with the backpack on my back, that person
who was getting drained and sick so...only by your questions only by your feedback
can I keep coming up with content and answers for you. So I love to hear from you. Thank you so much
I would love to see you at my events if you're at any of my events, come and say hey and
at events I always try and come up with new content as well, so you're not hearing same old same old
We try and create a different energy so that we can all feel
really good together and and really get on a... on a higher frequency together
Thank you for tuning in and see you next week if not sooner. Bye


Anita Moorjani / Dying to be YOU (Chinese subtitles )

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