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  • Since you're watching this video,

  • I bet you want to meditate but don't have time.[ring] [thonk]

  • [ring, ring] [thonk, thonk, thonk]

  • Maybe you've tried to meditate, but had some trouble.

  • Maybe you had a wonderful experience meditating over there, [birds tweeting]

  • but just can't find that same feeling over here.[office noise]

  • Well, my name is Marty Boroson

  • and in this video I am going to introduce you to the technique of One-Moment Meditation.

  • Then you can meditate whenever you need to.

  • [crying] [doorbell]

  • Like when you are feeling stressed, [ding]

  • [happy cooing]

  • or feeling angry,

  • [ding]

  • maybe you're having trouble sleeping, [clock ticking]

  • [ding]

  • or you're feeling anxious,

  • [ding]

  • or you just need a new idea.

  • [ding]

  • [music] Although One-Moment Meditation is ultimately about meditating in a moment,

  • we are going to start with a minute.

  • We start with a minute because a moment goes by so quickly that it's very hard to notice,

  • but a minute is like a moment with handles on it.

  • You know where it begins and where it ends so it's easier to grasp.

  • If you're ready we'll do the basic minute now.

  • You might want to shut the door

  • or at least tell people you're not available for the next minute.

  • You don't have to tie yourself in knots for this,

  • just sit with your legs planted firmly on the floor.

  • Try to sit up straight but don't be rigid.

  • It's as if your head were being lifted up away from the weight of the world.

  • Think of it as cosmic traction.

  • Now put your hands in any position that's balanced, symmetrical and still.

  • Like this.

  • Like this.

  • Or like this.

  • During the minute simply focus on your breathing moment by moment.

  • Of course even in the space of a minute you will get distracted.

  • That's perfectly normal.

  • It doesn't mean you're doing it wrong.

  • But as soon as you notice you're distracted just think hmmm and bring your mind back to

  • your breathing.

  • I'll ring a bell so you know when to start and when to finish.

  • Ready. Then close your eyes.

  • Oh, one more thing.

  • It's ok to smile. And, go. [bell]

  • [bell] As you open your eyes notice how you feel right now.

  • Maybe a little bit refreshed,

  • a little bit more awake,

  • a little bit more open minded.

  • Not bad for a minute.

  • And the more you do it the better it gets.

  • But please don't ever do the basic minute for longer than a minute.

  • Don't be macho about it.

  • Because the point of the basic minute is to show you that you can make a meaningful change

  • in your state of mind quickly.

  • So if you do it for longer you're cheating.

  • With One-Moment Meditation you can also learn how to do the portable minute

  • which is very useful when you're standing in line,[beep]

  • on a train,[engine noise]

  • or stuck in a boring meeting.[snores]

  • You can also learn the bonus minute,

  • the surprise minute

  • and the emergency minute.

  • With One-Moment Meditation you can also learn

  • how to reduce the length of the basic minute step-by-step

  • until it only takes a moment.

  • And when you can meditate in a moment your whole day can be filled with mediation.

  • Because it takes no time at all.

Since you're watching this video,


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