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You've seen my next guest in "Fresh Off The Boat."
She now stars in "Crazy Rich Asians."
So your family is, like, rich?
We're comfortable.
That is exactly what a super rich person would say.
It's not a big deal, obviously.
I just think it's kind of weird that I had no idea.
I mean, you have a Jamba juice card.
You use my Netflix password.
You play basketball at the Y that kinda smells.
I really like that place, thank you very much.
And, yes, my family has money, but I've always thought of it as
theirs, not mine.
Please welcome Constance Wu!
(Cheers and applause) (Band playing)
Nice to meet you!
Nice to meet you!
Well, congratulations on the movie.
Thank you.
It's a big success already.
Reviews are amazing.
It's got, like 96% on Rotten Tomatos.
It's one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year.
Did you know it was going to be such a big deal?
Of course.
Of course!
You're the one actress with no self-doubt in the entire world.
Of course.
Stephen: Well, this was--
No, I was -- I'm sorry.
Were you going on the next topic?
No, the same topic, you!
Oh, yes.
So what night is the premiere.
This is the premiere, which was -- I don't even remember.
Sometime in the past.
Look at that outfit.
Thank you.
You know what you look that in this here.
Like a crazy rich Asian right there.
(Laughter) Tell me about this dress.
I'm a dress fan.
Well, this dress is made by Robin Russo Couture.
Couture means a sewing machine never touches it, everything is
Stitched by hand.
So every one of the crystals is stitched by hand in such a way
that you cannot move when you're in it.
You had to be wheeled around on a dolly or
Well, I had to do this in the car, and then i had to have
somebody take my feet, hold them out and have two men just lift
me up.
They had to do the same thing with Boris Karlov
When he played Frankenstein.
He had a board, he couldn't sit down.
I didn't have a board.
Did you go to the premiere in this?
This was just for the red carpet?
That's nice.
I've got to get better clothes.
(Laughter) Now, the big hit movie is based
on the Kevin Kwan bestpselling series of books.
Had you read the books before you signed on with
the movies?
I had read one of the books and i heard it was going to be
made into a movie.
So i was like, really psyched and I really wanted to do it.
Then it didn't happen for a few years, then i got my TV show
"Fresh Off The Boat", and I heard John M. Chu was set to direct it
and I got excited because I thought he could do a great job.
We had a meeting about it, then we realized they couldn't do it
Because the schedule -- Stephen: Because you had
your series.
Because they wanted to shoot in the fall and my series shoots
in the fall.
Stephen: TV time.
So I just let that go, and then one day i was on an
airplane and was feeling very dramatic, and i wrote a dramatic
email about, like, all the heart that i would put into his movie
if he just waited for me.
(Laughter) I didn't think it would work.
But here I am.
(Cheers and applause) Stephen: A lesson there!
Write e-mails.
Write e-mails.
(Applause) I've often said actors have to
be good liars, not because they're not good people,but
because acting is like lying.
You have to lie in auditions.
They say can you do X, Y or Z?
You have to say, well, of course I can.
What's the biggest lie you ever told in an audition?
I had an audition, it's an extra part, there was one line,
which is run away, but they wanted it to be in Korean.
Stephen: In Korean say run away.
I'm not Korean and I don't speak Korean, I speak Mandarin
But it was only, like, tow words.
So, you know, I asked a friend, and they told me, I learned it.
phonetically and I put all of my heart into that one line, and
I -- Stephen: Do you remember
how to say it?
(Laughter) It's a traumatic experience.
I understand.
So you did it.
What happened next is the casting director was, like, that
was so great.
Can you improv a little bit in Korean?
And I said, yep!
And then I just made noises.
(Laughter) I went, like -- literally.
Let's hear your Korean.
And no doubt you
landed the parts.
I mean, I bet Koreans say AAAHHH!
In that way.
When they're upset.
I totally bought that as Korean.
You really looked like a Korean person not speaking Korean, just
being really upset.
Well, Constance
Yes, Stephen?
Stephen: It's been lovely to meet you.
It's been lovely to meet you.
Congratulations on the film.
Thank you so much for being here.
"Crazy Rich Asians" is in the theaters now.
Constance Wu, everybody
We'll be right back!


Constance Wu Explains What "Couture" Means

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