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  • Although there are many castles in Germany,

  • there's none quite like Eltz Castle.

  • It has been privately owned by the Eltz family since 1157.

  • The Eltz Castle was originally constructed

  • in the 11th century.

  • However, additions and restorations

  • have been made over the years.

  • Unlike most castles, Eltz Castle isn't easy to spot.

  • It sits off the main road,

  • high on a rock within a low valley

  • and is surrounded by a lush forest.

  • Many visitors are drawn to the hiking trails

  • surrounding the castle grounds.

  • Thirty-four generations of the Eltz family

  • have lived among the castle's 120 rooms.

  • And since today, no one in the family lives there full time,

  • the ancestral home is open to the public.

  • Every year over 300,000 visitors

  • come to see the castle and its armory, treasury

  • and original furnishings that are over eight centuries old.

  • Throughout Europe's tumultuous history,

  • this enchanting castle was never invaded or destroyed.

  • Its rich history has earned it a spot

  • on the 500 Deutsche Mark note,

  • making it a special sight for those who get to experience it in person.

Although there are many castles in Germany,


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大きな物語。このドイツの城は、850年の間、ある家族の家になっています。 (Great Big Story: This German Castle Has Been One Family's Home for 850 Years)

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