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  • That's it? Even if

  • nobody helps me I can eat that no problem at least give me a challenge

  • this is Chandler's chicken

  • this is the turkey

  • how big is that?

  • It's about nineteen pounds.

  • It's like me when I was born.

  • All right who would like some yams, Will?

  • Oh you'd like that, wouldn't you?

  • What? Oh you know what can we please keep the chicken and the turkey and

  • everything on the other side the table, the smell is just, yuck!

  • Typical

  • I'm sorry, what?

  • I said it was typical. Typical of you Rachel Green, Queen Rachel,

  • does whatever she wants in little Rachel Land

  • Seriously, who is this guy?

  • I'm sorry do you have to do have a problem with me?

  • I don't know do I do I I

  • think you do

  • Apparently you were a little mean to him in high school.

  • A little mean? You made my

  • life miserable.

  • I'm sorry I had no idea I'm sorry.

  • Well you should be

  • screw it bring on the yams.

  • Will, but you've worked so hard.

  • Yams! Ok!

  • Will, I just want to say that I'm real sorry for whatever I did to you in high school.

  • It wasn't just me. We had a club.

  • You had a club

  • That's right.

  • The I hate Rachel Green Club

  • Oh my god so what you all just joined together to hate me who

  • else was in this club me and Ross

  • No need to point. She knows who Ross is.

  • So you were in an I hate Rachel Club?

  • Yes he was.

  • No no.

  • So who else was in this club?

  • Actually there was also that exchange student from Thailand but I

  • don't think he knew what it was.

  • So Ross we went out for two years and you never

  • told me you were in an I hate Rachel Club?

  • You went out with her? We had a pact.

  • that was in high school it's not like it was binding forever

  • Then why did it have the word eternity in it?

  • Ok. Monica did you know about this?

  • I swear I didn't.

  • Hey is that why you guys used to go up to your bedroom and lock the door

  • Yeah.

  • Huh a little relieved I got to say.

  • Look Rachel I'm sorry okay I I was a

  • stupid kid okay the only reason I joined

  • Co-founded

  • Co-founded, co-founded the club was that I was insanely

  • in love with you obviously I didn't handle it very well.

  • But if you think about it the I hate Rachel Club was really the I love Rachel Club.

  • Except that it was really the I hate Rachel Club

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