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  • On climate change, uh, I saw your, uh, CBS interview...

  • Still a little confused. So the...

  • Don't be confused.

  • -Is he confused? -But on your-- When you look at--

  • When you look at, like, NASA, or you look at, uh, the energy department...

  • -Yeah. -...and what you own government,

  • your own scientists have said about it,

  • they said it's indisputable that, uh,

  • humans have contributed to-- to global warming,

  • in-- in big ways.

  • -Do you-- you agree with that? -Well, I think we've contributed,

  • we certainly contribute. I mean, there's...

  • certain pollutants that go up and there's certain things that happen,

  • certain things we do that if we weren't here

  • -certainly would be different. -JONATHAN: They say the overwhelming cause

  • -for the last 50 years. -Well, I don't necessarily agree, but...

  • Well, it doesn't seem like in the report

  • that there's that much of a "may" to it.

  • Like, it's your government, right? It's your scientists.

  • -They've work for you, it's your company, your country. -Well, that's okay.

  • That's okay, and I want everybody to write-- report whatever they want,

  • But ultimately, I'm the one that makes that final decision.

  • I can also give you reports where people very much dispute that.

  • You know, you do have scientists that very much dispute it.

  • Um, I wanna make sure that we have the cleanest air--

  • There really aren't that many scientists saying--

  • But Jim, I wanna make sure-- Here's what I want.

  • So, you have different views on this,

  • and is there climate change? Yeah.

  • Will it go back like this? I mean, will it change back?

  • Probably, that's what I think.

  • I believe it goes this way, and I believe yes,

  • uh, man, meaning... us, people; men and women,

  • to be politically correct, but--

  • 'cause everyone says "man," but now we have to add women to that one too...

  • Men and women, we do have an impact,

  • uh, but, uh, I don't believe the impact is nearly what some say,

  • and other scientists that dispute those findings very strongly.

  • Have you ordered the government then to--

  • -to include the scientists that say-- -Well I haven't seen that. Yeah.

  • You want it to include the scientists who dispute this

  • -as part of the report? -I would always-- I would always include everybody.

  • I wanna hear all sides.

On climate change, uh, I saw your, uh, CBS interview...


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