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Meet German battleships in World of Warships Blitz!
They are large and in charge.
They are true masters of the seas,
with the thickest armor, strongest secondary guns,
and some of the fastest firing main guns a battleship can have.
With the introduction of the new ships,
a new mechanic will be implemented in the game.
Secondary auto guns are additional secondary guns
that fire automatically at nearby ships.
German battleships of Tier VI and above will have secondary auto guns.
These battleships are designed to make short work of anyone
who dares to come too close.
However, while they are German engineered, they are not perfect.
Like all battleships,
the German battleships are slow and easy to detect.
German Battleships are typically characterized
by low accuracy at long ranges and poor AA gun performance.
Despite their typical disadvantages,
all the German battleships have their strong points.
Let us quickly go over the eight ships in this branch.
The first German Battleship is Nassau at Tier III.
She features six main caliber turrets with two guns in each turret.
Her gun arrangement is similar to that of Japanese Kawachi,
but she has better armor.
Nassau really embodies the German Battleship design doctrine
with strong armor, reduced reload times, and increased secondary gun damage.
Nassau sports an impressive twelve secondary guns.
Kaiser is at Tier IV.
She boasts the best armor protection among the other battleships in her tier.
This allows her to feel confident in any attack.
With five main armament turrets and fourteen secondary armament turrets,
she packs a mean punch in any close quarters brawl.
Tier V battleship König inherits the good armor from her predecessors.
Thanks to her effective turret arrangement,
her broadside is able to fire a devastating 10-main-gun salvo.
The beautiful Bayern can be found at Tier VI.
In addition to her highly effective armor, she is full of surprises.
The main trick is in her secondary armament.
First, it may appear that there are ten secondary guns,
but, in fact, there are sixteen!
She is the first German Battleship to feature automatic secondary guns.
They will fire at an enemy ship automatically
as long as it is in their line of fire.
Tier VII Gneisenau shares this feature with her lower tier sister.
She boasts automatic guns, great armor,
rapid-fire secondary armament, and increased armor-piercing shell damage.
This battleship features all the best a German ship has to offer.
She is even equipped with torpedo tubes!
She is pretty unique among the German battleships.
At Tier VIII comes Bismarck—
this legendary battleship with four twin-gun turrets
literally broke a ship in half with her mighty guns.
In addition to her powerful guns,
she features strong armor, which helps her survive in every situation.
Friedrich Der Grosse is a true successor to the legendary Bismarck.
Stronger armor, larger caliber guns, and higher damage per minute.
Exactly what you would expect from a Tier IX battleship.
Großer Kurfürst is a worthy opponent for the mighty Yamato.
She is bigger and more robust.
Unmatched in health, sporting strong armor,
she is equipped with eight main caliber guns
and numerous secondary guns.
In close-quarters, this battleship
will make short work of any ship that dares to approach her.
The German battleships are born to get close up and thrive in the heat of battle.
They possess all the necessary characteristics for this:
effective armor, high health, and rapid-fire small caliber guns,
some of which fire automatically.
Unlock German Battleships and take the helm of these German beasts!
Victory awaits you in World of Warships Blitz!


World of Warships Blitz: German Battleships

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