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  • What is an Optometrist? Well, an Optometrist, also called a Doctor of Optometry, we are

  • primary care eye doctors. We diagnose and treat vision problems, eye disorders and related

  • conditions. We prescribe contacts and glasses and help educate people and counsel them when

  • it comes to different eye surgeries, whether it's refractive surgeries like lasik or through

  • cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, we help counsel them for their surgeries and do a

  • fair amount of pre and post-op care for patients who have surgery. A typical day for us involves

  • staying in kind of a dimly lit room looking at some letters and using microscopes to evaluate

  • patient's eyes. And we see a number of patients throughout the day and it's kind of a one

  • on one interaction with patients. So that is the bulk of the day. We'll talk to them

  • at length about their particular eye problems and how to make them better and then we'll

  • help coordinate the care for the patient where there involves calling other doctors to find

  • out the results of other tests, or help schedule them to other doctors for other further work

  • ups or just guide them over to our optical and our staff will help them pick out some

  • glasses and get that coordinated. We'll also, we might even send them over to our contact

  • lens service and have the folks in our contact lens area talk to the patient a little bit

  • more about different styles of contact lenses. Our, so generally our responsibilities are

  • just to ensure that the patient sees well and to make sure that they don't have any

  • kind of eye health condition that would keep them from seeing well throughout their lifetime.

  • So that in general is what an Optometrist does.

What is an Optometrist? Well, an Optometrist, also called a Doctor of Optometry, we are


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検眼士の求人情報 .オプトメトリストの仕事内容 (Optometrist Career Information : Optometrist Job Description)

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