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    初紹介: マオリ

  • Kupe leads the Maori in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.


  • According to Maori legend, the navigator Kupe sailed from Hawaiki to the undiscovered land that would become New Zealand,

    クペはハワイキより出航し ニュージーランドを発見したとされ

  • and remains a figure in many Maori myths still shared today.

    今尚マオリの神話の中で 人々に語り継がれている

  • Kupe's leader ability is called 'Kupe's Voyage.”


  • The initial Maori units begin the game in the Ocean, and receive Science and Culture each turn before Settling.

    マオリの初期ユニットは外洋から開始し 都市建設まで毎ターン科学と文化を得る

  • When you settle your first city, you receive a free Builder and extra Population.

    最初の都市を建設すると 無償で労働者を得て人口が加わる

  • The Palace also receives additional Housing and Amenities.


  • The Maori's unique building is the Marae.


  • This replaces the Amphitheater in the Theater Square.


  • It provides Culture and Faith to all tiles in the city with a passable feature, such as floodplains, and Tourism after researching Flight.

    都市の通れるタイルに文化と信仰を加え 航空技術が研究されると観光を加える

  • The Maori's unique unit is the Toa.


  • This Classical era melee unit can construct a Pa improvement on hills, which provides a defensive bonus and heals units if they end their turn on its tile.

    防御力と回復を提供する「パー」を 建設できる古典時代の近接ユニットだ

  • Toa also have the Haka War Dance ability, which weakens adjacent enemy units.

    トアには「ハカ」を披露して 隣接する敵ユニットを弱める力もある

  • The Maori's unique ability isMana.”


  • They start with Sailing and Shipbuilding, and Embarked units receive additional Strength and Movement.

    帆走術と造船を解除してスタートし 乗船ユニットは戦闘力と移動力を得る

  • Woods and Rainforests provide additional Production, and Fishing Boats additional Food.

    森と熱帯雨林が生産力を加え 漁船は追加で食料を得る

  • Fishing Boats also acquire surrounding available tiles when completed.

    漁船はさらに完成した際に 周囲のタイルを取得する

  • As the Maori, the world is your oyster, and you will thrive with its blessings.

    マオリは周囲の世界から恵みを得て 自然からの祝福によって繁栄する

  • Use your first turns to scout for a prime coastal location for your Capital city with plenty of Woods, Rainforests, and Ocean resources.

    森、熱帯雨林、外洋資源に囲われた 首都に最適な場所を探そう

  • A series of Pa fortresses will be your key to a strong defense,


  • allowing you to embark on the victory campaign of your choosing without fear of conquest from another civilization.

    別の文明に征服される恐れもなく 好きな相手に攻撃を仕掛けられる

  • Will your empire flourish with the gifts of the land and sea?

    陸と海の恵みにより 帝国を栄えさせることができるか?

  • How will you lead the Maori in Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

    『嵐の訪れ』で マオリが君の導きを待っている


初紹介: マオリ


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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - ファーストルック。マオリ (Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - First Look: Maori)

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