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Hello Youtube, BlueMatona here and welcome
to this Rome: Total War top ten list where

we will be ranking the top ten calvary units
in the game.

In this list I included all horse-based units,
including chariots, as well as war elephants.

I did not include general units, however,,
so this is examining just the cavalry units

that can be trained by a player.
So without further adieu, lets get started.
Taking the number 10 spot is the Sacred Band
Cavalry of Carthage.

This unit has a 12 attack stat, 18 defense,
and costs a fairly high 780 Denarii per unit.

This unit has good moral and stamina, and
like most cavalry can form wedge formation.

Despite them being the elite of the Carthaginian
cavalry, they do not hold up well when faced

off against the cavalry of many other factions.
Number 9 is the Cataphract Camels of the Parthian

This unit is encased with armor, and despite
having a low attack stat of 7, the ultra-high

defense of 23 gives it an advantage on the

The high price tag of 940 Denarii means that
this unit should not be used as the main calvary

in a Parthian army.
They receive a combat bonus when fighting
in deserts, great for the Parthian nation,

and has the ability to scare horses.
This unit is very effective when used against
traditional horse-based calvary.

Number 8 on our list is the Gothic Cavalry
of Germania.

For a nation that is very infantry heavy,
the Gothic cavalry provide formidable punch

in a Germanic army.
The attack stat of 13 and defense stat of
19, coupled with the 790 Denarii price, mean

that this heavy calvary can hold its own against
most other calvary units in the game.

They have excellent morale and actually have
a combat bonus when used in snow.

Number 7 are the Scythed Chariots of the Seleucid

With an attack of 15, and razor sharp blades
on either side of the chariot, this unit is

an infantry killing machine.
They cost 980 Denarii and frighten nearby
enemy infantry as well, making the enemy more

likely to route.
Their defense stat is very low, only 1, but
with 4 hit points and fast speed that helps

to avoid enemy arrow fire, this unit can still
last a while on the battlefield.

Number 6 are the Cataphracts of the Seleucids.
These heavily armored units have a low attack
of 7 and a high defense of 23.

Their price is 890 Denarii.
While the attack stat may seem low for a cavalry
unit, they have an extremely powerful charge.

If used properly, this calvary can take out
almost any enemy calvary unit in the game.

It's important to not leave them in combat
on flat or uphill ground, but rather use them

just for their charge or if you have the uphill

Halfway down the list at number 5 are the
Egyptian Chariot Archers.

This unit holds a solid attack of 9, and deals
a very high missile attack of 13.

Their low defense of 1 is counteracted with
2 hit points, meaning that it will take 2

kill shots to take down this unit.
The low price of 570 means that these chariots
can form a solid part of any Egyptian army.

They have a combat bonus in deserts and have
the ability to form the Cantabrian circle.

Number 4 are the Mercenary War Elephants of
Numidia and Parthia.

These Elephants have an attack of 7, and are
outfitted with archers riding on top that

have a missile attack of 11.
The defense of 16 is incredibly high given
that these Elephants have 15 hit points, making

them extremely hard to kill.
They have a combat bonus against enemy calvary
and frighten nearby enemy units.

The unit has the same stats for both Numidia
and Parthia, but the Parthian units cost 80

Denarii less.
The high price tag of 2490, however, is their
only downside, so if you can afford them,

buy them right away.
Starting off the top 3 units on this list
are the Cataphract Archers of Armenia.

This unit deals an attack of 9 when used in
melee, and has a high missile attack of 10.

The defense is also very high at 22 and they
cost an expensive 1140 Denarii.

This is an extremely powerful unit that can
form the Cantabrian Circle.

They combine the raw armored power and melee
combat strength of Cataphracts with the ability

to pour arrows into the enemy's ranks.
Number 2 are the Praetorian Calvary of the
Roman Empire.

With an attack of 12 and defense of 22, coupled
with their extremely cost-effective price

tag of 840 Denarii, this calvary unit is the
best horse-based unit in the game.

They can take on any other cavalry unit one
on one and have a very powerful charge that

is excellent at beating down enemy infantry

Rounding out this list of the top ten calvary
units in Rome: Total war are the Armored War

Elephants of the Seleucid and Carthaginian

These guys are the most powerful unit in Rome:
Total War and absolutely obliterate any opposition.

The attack stat of 7 is complemented by a
missile attack of 10 from the archers positioned

on top of the elephants.
They have a very high defense of 19 and have
an incredible 15 hit points, making them the

hardest unit to kill in the game as well.
Like other Elephant units, they frighten nearby
enemy troops and have a combat bonus vs. enemy

The astronomical price tag of 2670 Denarii
for Carthage, and 2870 for the Seleucids,

makes them the most expensive unit in the

If you can afford them, buy them though because
these units have the ability to change the

course of a battle all on their own.
And that ends our top ten, thank you all very
much for watching.

Please remember to like, comment, favorite,
and of course subscribe as it really does

help my channel grow.
Thank you all for watching and as always I
look forward to seeing you again next time.



TOP 10 CAVALRY UNITS - Concise Top 10's - Rome: Total War

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