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  • Millennials love Gucci.


  • Lil Pump: Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang!

    (Lil Pumpの歌詞)グッチギャング、グッチギャング、グッチギャング、グッチギャング!

  • Scroll through any fashionable millennial's social media, and chances are, you'll see Gucci's iconic double G logo, whether on belts, bags, or even capes.

    オシャレ好きなミレニアルのソーシャルメディアには、まず間違いなくグッチのトレードマークでもある2つの G ロゴが、ベルトやバッグ、ケープなどにも見て取ることができます。

  • Gucci is pretty much everywhere these days.


  • Kylie Jenner even made headlines for carrying her baby in a $625 Gucci baby carrier.

    カイリー・ジェナーに至っては、625 ドルもするグッチのベビーカーに赤ちゃんを乗せていることで話題をさらいました。

  • In the first half of 2018, Gucci's sales nearly doubled.

    2018 年の上半期だけで、グッチの売り上げは 2 倍に膨れ上がりました。

  • And 55% of those sales were made to consumers under 35.

    そして、そのうちの 55 %が 35 歳以下の消費者による購入でした。

  • Considering how 18 to 35-year-olds contributed to an 85% growth in the luxury goods market in 2017, this is a big deal.

    18~35 歳が 2017 年における高級品業界のマーケットにおいて 85 % の成長を見せている事を考えると、これは見逃せない数字です。

  • Jessica Tyler: Millennials definitely matter in the luxury market.


  • A lot of luxury brands have been partnering with streetwear brands and focusing on social media to try and reach millennials more because it's such a big market for them.


  • But why do millennials and teens love Gucci so much?


  • Gucci's founder, Guccio Gucci, originally designed leather goods for the aristocratic upper classes, specializing in horseback riding gear.


  • As Gucci grew in popularity, it became synonymous with high-class elegance and glamour.


  • In the 1960's, Gucci was associated with people like Jackie Kennedy.

    1960 年代には、グッチはジャッキー・ケネディといったところと提携を結んでいました。

  • One of the Gucci bags that Jackie Kennedy was photographed wearing was even renamed "The Jackie."


  • Today in 2018, Gucci is still very much an expensive luxury brand, but it's no longer exclusively for the elite.

    2018 年現在、グッチが高価な高級ブランドであることに変わりはありませんが、今では、特権階級の人たちのものだけではなくなってきています。

  • I think that Gucci is working from the top down, to rebrand themselves in a way that is very millennial-friendly.


  • And I think that they aren't afraid to turn the tables upside down on what it means to create luxury, to sell luxury, to be a luxury company.


  • In 2015, Gucci brought on Alessandro Michele as their new creative director.

    2015 年には、グッチは新しいクリエイティブ・ディレクターとしてアレッサンドロ・ミケルを迎え入れました。

  • Under Michele's leadership, Gucci has come to embrace streetwear and the influence of popular culture.


  • DiNardo: Alessandro Michele is creating pop culture references at a time in which people are really searching for a little bit of nostalgia with something new.


  • And it's a formula that's really working.


  • I think also, Gucci is very honest about what they're doing, and genuine, and that they know that their designs are a little bit out there.


  • To say the least, they're a little tongue-in-cheek, but they're in on the joke, they're a part of the game.


  • And they love it.


  • Recently, Gucci even collaborated with Dapper Dan, a Harlem-based designer who became famous in the 80's for creating knock-up designs of luxury brands like Gucci.


  • Gucci's logo has come to represent more than just luxury or wealth, and millennials are embracing that, especially as logos continue to take over the fashion world again.


  • DiNardo: There are several reasons why brand logos are making a big comeback.


  • One, the most obvious being that everything 90's is back.

    1 つ目は、明らかに 90 年代の人気が再燃しているという事実です。

  • And we know that logomania was a huge part of 90's fashion.

    もちろん、90 年代ファッションではロゴマニア現象が全盛でしたから。

  • Another reason why logos are making such a big comeback, is that we're coming off of such a strong period of minimalism, that, where else do you go but the exact opposite, with fashion?


  • And another reason why I think the logo is making a comeback, is that we're at a more comfortable place, in society, in culture, in our economy, in wanting reassurance in the money that we have, and the money that we spend.


  • Back in 2015, Gucci was actually considering using their logo less in designs.

    2015 年の時点では、グッチはデザインにロゴを取り込むのを以前より控えようとする動きでいました。

  • In the aftermath of the 2008 Recession, consumers were less interested in conspicuous consumption.

    2008 年の大不況のあおりを受けて、消費者は散財に対しては興味が無くなってきていたのです。

  • DiNardo: So conspicuous consumption, as defined by Veblen almost 120 years ago, really is this idea of waste.

    ディナード:ヴェブレンによって 120 年前に定義された散財というのは、無駄遣いのことです。

  • It's having what you absolutely don't need, but indicates certain symbols to society of status, so obviously luxury items are the epitome of that, you know, are not in your essential list, in order to survive.


  • But to thrive, in certain social circles.


  • Designs emblazoned with luxury logos seemed a little too gauche at a time when so many people were struggling financially.


  • I think now that we're at a comfortable state in the economy where people are feeling, it's okay to have a status shoe, a status bag, a status t-shirt again,

    経済的状況を考えると、ようやくオシャレな靴やバッグ、T シャツなんかも高級感あふれるものを持っても大丈夫なんじゃないか、という雰囲気になってきているんだとは思いますし、

  • and there isn't such the stigma of paying $180 for a logo t-shirt as there once was.

    以前ならイケてないと思われた「ロゴ付き T シャツに 180 ドル出す」こともそれほどではなくなってきているわけです。

  • Millennials and teens also love Gucci because so many of them grew up seeing Gucci on celebrities or in magazines.


  • DiNardo: A lot of the people who are embracing the trends now, just touched on the very tip of it in their youth,


  • but now can fully expand into it, ad nauseam, as adults, with disposable income to do so.


  • So, can other luxury brands copy Gucci's success?


  • I think what other luxury brand houses could do to continue, or try to emulate the formula of Gucci, really is to try to be authentic to themself.


  • I think what Gucci, you know, does so well, which is really hard to imitate their formula, is that they're just natural.


  • It's just a very natural way that they're approaching the market, and approaching attention, and it doesn't feel contrived.


  • I think Gucci in 2018 represents excitement in fashion, again, it gives people something to look forward to, something to talk about.

    2018 年のグッチはもう一度ファッション界に旋風を巻き起こし、人々が楽しみにして、話題になる何かを提供していくのだと思います。

Millennials love Gucci.


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