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We are going to build a wall.
And it's gonna be great folks, very, very great.
- So do you know what we're drawing today? - No.
- No.
Do you guys know who Donald Trump is?
- Yeah. - Are you kidding me?
No I'm not gonna draw him.
Oh yes, yes, yes, yes.
He always goes like...
Yo. (laughing)
- That's pretty good. - Yeah.
I'm gonna ask you some questions and we're just gonna draw whatever you tell me to draw
- and we'll see what happens. - Okay.
Can we make it as ugly as possible?
We can do whatever we want.
Okay, let's do it.
Okay let's do it.
We'll start with his face.
Okay so his head's like a circle.
What do you think he's doing with his mouth?
Does he--
- Talking. - He's talking?
What does he look like when he's talks?
Na na na na na... (laugh) na na na...
His face is fat, it has circles around his eyes because his face is orange.
Okay so he has kind of a fat face.
Oh but what about the lips?
- Okay, like that? - Yeah, she's done.
- Like that. - Kind of puckered.
Uh huh, like.
And we all know how to draw the bad hairdo.
It's kind of big at the top...
Doesn't he have like blonde hair?
And an ugly toupee that some would say likes a poop.
Like a poop.
Yes, kind of like the poop emoji.
- Hershey Kiss looking thing. - Yeah like that.
And then it would curve upwards and would go like that across his scalp.
- So like that? - Keeps on going...yeah!
What do his eyes look like?
His eyes he's like...
Very beady, they're like I don't like you, I don't want you.
Everyday you walk around patronizing me I don't care.
And how about his chin?
- Double chin. - Double chin?
- Double. - Yeah double, double, double.
- Triple chin. - Triple chin?
Here's a double...
and there's the triple!
Now can we put some horns up there?
- Okay so just coming out of his head like that kinda? - Yeah, yes.
Like why did you decide to put horns on him?
Because I always associate non-good people with the Devil,
'cause they're bad and the Devil is bad.
Should we make a bow tie?
If you think he wears a bow tie we can put a bow tie on him.
He wears a black suit and a ugly red tie.
How about a tie with pictures of pitchforks on it.
Okay, yeah that's good.
I would draw a tick on him.
- A tick? - On his forehead.
Why does he have a tick on his forehead?
Because you know it takes your breath, uh huh, yeah.
I'm gonna give him like a pin over here.
- Yeah. - What do you think the pin would say on it?
Make America terrible again.
Free milkshakes.
- Free milkshakes. - Yeah.
- Ivanka 20/20. - Ivanka 20/20.
He's already campaigning for Ivanka then?
Uh huh.
What do you guys think so far.
- Do you think this is pretty accurate? - Next can we do Hillary Clinton.
I think that's looking pretty good.
I think this is the most fun Cut comic video I've ever done.
Well good.
Alright Maddox, can you hold it up and show us?
You take this side.
I'll take this side.
- Donald Trump. - Donald Trump.
- Trump. - Yeah, I like it.
- Yeah good job. - Thank you.




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