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  • Hi, I'm Phil from BBC Learning English.

    こんにちは、BBC Learning English のフィルです。

  • Today, I'm going to tell you the difference between 'even though' and 'even if'.

    今日は、「even though」と「even if」の違いについてお伝えします。

  • Now, we use them both for emphasis but they don't mean the same.


  • We use 'even though' to introduce something that's true, but might be a little bit unexpected.

    「Even though」は、事実ではあるものの、ちょっと意外なことを紹介するときに使います。

  • It's a bit like 'despite'.


  • Even though I hate driving, I'm still going to Scotland by car.


  • Even though I hate tennis, I'm still going to watch the final.


  • We use 'even if' to introduce something hypothetical, so it might not be real.

    「even if」は仮定の話をするときに使うので、現実ではないかもしれません。

  • Even if it's sunny when we're in Scotland, I'm not going swimming.


  • Even if you paid me, I wouldn't watch that film.


  • So, 'even though' is for things that are true but unexpected, and 'even if' is for things that are hypothetical, so they might not be real.

    つまり、「even though」は事実だけど予想外のこと、「even if」は仮定であり現実ではないかもしれないことを表しています。

  • Even though they look the same, they are differenteven if you didn't notice at first!


Hi, I'm Phil from BBC Learning English.

こんにちは、BBC Learning English のフィルです。

審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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【BBC1分英語】"even though" と "even if" の違いをネイティブが解説!

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