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  • How's it going guys!

  • Welcome to another episode of ITI English Phrases.

  • You can't beat our wonderful distance learning videos.

  • My name's Oliver from ITI.

  • and today we're going to look at the phrase "can't beat something"

  • "You can't beat something" is an important phrase that means

  • it is really good and it's hard to find better.

  • Have a look at this example:

  • "You can't beat seeing a happy customer after closing a deal."

  • Or how about:

  • "You can't beat the feeling after clinching an important contract."

  • In my country, England, we often say:

  • "When you're feeling stressed, you can't beat a nice cup of tea."

  • So can you use this phrase to think of something you can't beat?

  • Please write your sentence in the comments below.

How's it going guys!


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