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- The Niffler's been having babies.
I know, it's a big deal.
If you thought Daddy Niffler was scene stealing,
the little baby ones are like,
don't work with animals and babies
and we're doing both basically.
(dramatic music)
- [Newt] Dumbledore, why can't you go?
- [Dumbledore] I cannot move against Grindewald.
(dramatic music)
- It has to be you.
(dramatic music)
- This is equally as magical, in a very different way,
as the first film.
- It's got darker.
- You can see where we leave it off
at the end of the first film,
there's a strong sense of foreboding and--
- It's got intensified in some ways.
There is adventure, there's humor.
- But also there are new beasts and characters
from the Harry Potter world.
But definitely the dark clouds are rolling in.
- The stakes are high.
(dramatic, intense music)
- You want me to hunt him down?
(dramatic, intense music)
To kill him.
- Newt's written his book, his book's been published.
You'd think that would be a joyous thing,
but what's come with it is a bit of celebrity,
which he's not that keen on being known.
The Ministry isn't letting him leave the country.
So when you see him he's kind of in some ways
had his wings clipped,
but you begin, hopefully those wings
begin to flourish again as the movie moves on.
- We find Tina in Paris along with many other members
of the original cast and some new characters.
She is looking for Credence.
There are people after him for different reasons,
and obviously Tina cares about him a great deal
and is trying to get to him first.
- Credence has been on a journey
from the time when we saw him last he is reformed somewhat.
He is on a quest of sorts,
and he's been sort of scrapping it
on the streets of New York and then he boards a boat,
he goes to Europe.
He joins a circus, a sideshow,
and trying to understand himself.
- I'm still nervous, I'm always nervous
because I love Queenie so much and it's
quite an interesting journey that she takes on this film
and it's challenging as an actress.
And there is like a part of me that's like,
yeah, no people, people liked the first one, so,
but you know you're still are like,
but I hope they like the second one, too, you know?
(dramatic music) (loud banging)
- That's your brother?
(loud bursting)
- I think that might have been the best moment of my life.
- Theseus is the polar opposite of Newt.
In a sense they're both fighting the good fight,
but Newt is part of the rebellion movement
and Theseus is the establishment.
- A safe house in Paris.
- Why would I need a safe house in Paris?
- Should things at some point go terribly wrong
it's good to have a place to go,
you know, for a cup of tea.
- Dumbledore has always seen Newt for who he is,
and despite his, him being rejected by various people,
him not fitting templates, norms,
in this film you kind of get a sense of their relationship.
- Given that we go back, we see Dumbledore
at the Hogwarts and maybe even go back in time a little bit.
You wanted Hogwarts to feel as it did in the Potter films.
- Yeah, it's amazing.
On a scale of one to stoked, stoked.
I had a couple weeks off and was doing some other work
and was elsewhere for a little while,
and I came back.
They were like mostly just the same stuff,
except there was that great week when we went to Hogwarts
and I was like
what the literal F word are you talking about,
you went to Hogwarts?
And they were like, yeah, we went to Hogwarts to shoot the,
I was like, nobody called me?
I was like, what devil's whisker compelled you
to not just send me a text,
hey, come back, we're going to Hogwarts.
(light, upbeat music)
I actually thank you for holding this interview
in this space because I'm gonna,
this is the Department of,
this is the Department (foreign language) yeah?
- [Interviewer] Yeah. - Sick.
(light relaxing music)


【映画で英語】出演キャストが語る魔法の世界『ファンタスティック・ビーストと黒い魔法使いの誕生』(Eddie Redmayne & 'Fantastic Beasts 2' Cast Take You BTS | MTV News)

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