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Brazil is at a turning point experts are
calling this the most important

presidential election in Brazil's
history in the first round of voting a

field of 13 candidates was narrowed down
to two Fernando Haddad represents the

leftist Workers Party which has been in
power for much of the past two decades

but with only 29 percent of the vote
he's by far the underdog it's far right

candidate Jo Boston ro that has gripped
the nation's attention with 46 percent

of the vote he's favored to become
Brazil's next president which would mark

a dramatic shift in the country's
politics that's because Boston ro is a

longtime congressman who is known for
his ultra conservative and deeply

offensive rhetoric his rhetoric has
sparked widespread protests and outrage

it's become so bad that at a campaign
rally the candidate was stabbed by a man

claiming he was on a mission from God
but despite the backlash Boston ro has

drawn huge crowds to his rallies and
skyrocketed to the top of the polls so

how did this relatively unknown
congressman garner so much support and

what does this mean for Brazil's

Brazil hasn't been a democracy for long
the country was ruled by a military

regime from 1964 to 1985 it was an era
marked by violence torture exile and

censorship it was during this military
regime that Jo Boston ro began his

career as an army captain when the
regime fell in 1985 and Brazil became a

democracy Boston ro entered politics as
a staunch far-right conservative

eventually becoming a congressman for
Rio de Janeiro

he served seven terms in Congress but
remained controversial because of his

extremist remarks and he continued to
show an affinity for the military

dictatorship just look at these photos
in his congressional office the

portraits on the wall are presidents
from Brazil's military regime as a

presidential candidate Boston ro hasn't
changed he openly calls for bringing

back some of the military regimes
tactics Mohammad SS car la gente es el

problema Samata dice keys of each
country that children don't anything is

here cool the core of this process in
fact Boston ro has picked a retired Army

General as his running mate who has
openly suggested that a military coup

could be a possibility who calls
racing-style advice see I leave I say

Josh my dad just was so much egq so for
this time though that pro-military

message has struck a chord
for many Brazilians particularly the
young voters in Boston aerospace the

military regime's brutality has faded
into history instead Boston Aras praise

of the Armed Forces has resonated with
his supporters at a time when crime has

been soaring in the country in 2016
Brazil's homicide rate was nearly six

times that of the u.s. in a country that
shares borders with some of the biggest

cocaine producing countries in the world
much of Brazil's violence stems from

drug gang rivalries mismanagement of
Public Security funds by government

officials has left police in the country
underpaid and under prepared to deal

with the mounting violence Boston aras
pro-military stance has made him a

champion of law and order for many even
though his rhetoric calls back to a

brutal dictatorship Boston ro is seen as
a solution for a country in crisis say

na hora de science observer Volta origin
GDP suit economy Gennaro laughs American

singer integrity in Fairfield at some
time but Brazil's crisis isn't just

about homicides the country is still
reeling from the biggest corruption

scandal in its history in Boston ro has
capitalized on that too

for weeks Brazil has been consumed by
allegations of corruption and bribery at

the highest level involving politicians
and business leaders a massive

corruption investigation known as
Operation car wash uncovered a

money-laundering scheme that funneled
billions into the pockets of politicians

including members of major political
parties balsan ro seize the opportunity

to position himself as a political
outsider and promised to end corruption

here he is leading protests against
Dilma Rousseff Brazil's president during

the scandal he lashed out at the Workers
Party that Rousseff belonged to and

whose members had been prosecuted for
corruption no Samos Chios a fact on

Kamino Aza in kannada lopez tino zapatti
attorney quarters an AUSA 8th president

for equal value this is chief would you
movimiento 'no paulson ro was actually

one of the pivotal votes for Rousseff's
impeachment in 2016 when he openly

dedicated his vote to an army colonel
accused of widespread torture and

murders during brazil's dictatorship
the corruption scandal also helped
Boston ro by removing his strongest

opponent convicted for corruption the
man better known as Lula was forced to

bow out of October's presidential race
in September this year ex-president Lula

da Silva who was in jail for corruption
was banned from running in the

presidential race even from jail Lula
was polling far above any other

presidential candidate but when Lula was
officially barred from the race balsan

ro soared in the polls his final
opponent in the presidential race

Fernando Haddad belongs to the same
party as Lula

but he hasn't drawn the same level of
support in part because of the increase

in crime and rampant corruption the
public's faith in the government has

eroded over the years their trust in
Congress the presidency the Supreme

Court are at an all-time low
meanwhile the public's view of the Armed

Forces is relatively favorable with
nearly eight out of ten Brazilians

supporting the institution for
Brazilians fed up with the political

ruling class Dreyer Boston ro is
offering an alternative meizu for Jubal

Sanada yes would you Jumma das question
again at went on as a fifth year history

as it was he gonna devote by his own
couch but for many others Boston arrows

offensive comments and anti-democratic
solutions are reminder of Brazil's

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Why this far-right candidate won Brazil's election

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