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how we seem to get it stopped they wanted to see the ribs handsome lincoln
going back to the airport detention
what a lot of work everybody that night was a lot of a role the christian
please check out
christie's defensive and over three thousand mostly a technique
greaterkashmir com so this is uh... it's it's equal that they did says all summer
not but this is not than normal sick map this is richard linklater before
midnight is the job
and presumably the end of the true would you prefer to was going to be a trilogy
uh... following before sunrise and before sunset
are we returned to
lou the lives of salim and jesse not to confuse ously usually or celeste and
jesse i once again played by julie guilty and ethan hawke uh... at the end
of before sunsets and uh... you cannot basically decided to
leave his wife and child in america and stay in paris with uh... salim
uh... cut two years later uh... the movie ends uh... the really begins at
the end of summer they've all spent together
uh... jesse is putting his son back on a plane to america
feels concerned that he's not there you know on a day-to-day basis for the kid
and when he brings it up with salim she worries that she's going to be asking
about her career to go travel to america at they have kids of their own
and i like the first two films of the the movie is basically ah... a series of
very long conversations about life and love and relationships
and it's great to have to
due to an end
you have had a few days ago unit
so the thought of
and decades later we returned to the church you write a book
anti-climatic financing
differentiation stress and she's an attorney
you start talking to mean that you asked me to get a veteran game course must
have been at least onto some i think that a great on the news that they there
so tightly scripted but they feel improvise political so natural and his
long take the relieved you know you here after a while usages feels like you're
watching something on fold
spontaneously driving a car
are identified the is is a thirty minute long takedown yet anton actually i
engage in a dumping it in hot which i think they just this past week and they
say they expect
harder to do something like that
is to do you have meaning to the emotional scene like like that that
thirty-two films joint argument
it's very emotional and take a three-act play itself it is hard to do
just stillness and naturalism in the car with the camera on university sure and
then like the big fight
so i'm now it's its
it's amazing how motion in for a while because you on this very idyllic
greek holiday
the little girl is a beautiful on the speak
into everyone's yet scored a slight everything
back in there are a little began its intention there that are building and
this may well you into a lot of everyone's happy and content in light of
data that has walked through the town everything with them all the first two
films are writing talking
and when they get those elena tributaries
is still realistic in the the places they go with this and i know you that
but he did you ever part three won a letter that was it
didi goto darker places that also goes to a doctor places and more sensitive
places and then the reality and
trying to have a lot
in a parrot head and
marriage and kids and career
sort of like a given to get that maybe we need right now look at the first
movie to go to young people meeting each other and that's parked in that that
will sort of
first contact and then the second one
there is a reunion they haven't seen each other for years but obviously
they've remembered each other in the
played a big role into the flight data distance
but now they didn't get there and there there the day in and day out there
who's making dinner in who's been the kids in the news
you know doing it was picking up the socks all that shit and so
but you know i've been in a relationship about as long as the president about as
old as these movies are an iraqi because of a lot about stopping up
i think it'd feels very honest and it's like we were saying about
from the passenger is six
i think a lot of movies aspire to do this kind of thing
but it's hard to do this kind of thing well
and this movie is
wall-to-wall conversations i mean it's
all talk all the time and in the broad and i can just be deadly but on my god
this movie
i was riveted i can't wait to see you again
uh... digestive help honest it was funny and
it was betty brutally truett times and uh...
no no no no not at all
it depressing but there are some of its effectiveness and the like that
tactical are at each other and will recognize in his well being sunny for a
long time everyone's
got these things they need you keep this tiny right at the present with the where
we went to see this with the afterwards a
and no-one
so might be different if you're saying yeah
all our intentionally it's a good that's a good like car
established couple that movie in our car early couple when you and i think i'd
like this is what's going on it's uh...
do you have to uh... world people who haven't seen the first two
needed to make the cannot figure out there are enough sort of drops
but they're always exposition get out there who do get all three films are a
lot i i i am dime less in the first time i like the second the room more but
uh... if the if the reader coming in call the baby there's an awful moments
of exposition with a kind of
did you find out what this character's history starting at killing any animal
studies military
decapitated regarding some later said the training and that and each one can
stand alone they're intended to function as stand-alone pills but if you have
seen the previous to damian it is our picture and short series is out
somebody on twitter said i want to keep making these movies until they become a
except in a land avenue one that ended being indictment in years apart into
each of these things that how might life experiences and just be able to get
their attention together so actor
hope this is ect
this and other really perfect no i would be fine with them stopping but uh... i
would also be fine with them continued united states i think i would trust
limits on the issues you have been ten years as there are exercises and it
would be at
i would i would trust the three of them to know 'cause it does because the the
three of them call write these names and i'll just leave letter saying that the
few actors are co-writing
i would trust them to know what if the dot something to come back to work
for the rich
meaning after the section leading up to the debate by at the whole dinner scene
and kind of
and knowing the slug in some ways and end
it lol shooting and it is clear that they are i'm in love with the those
older ladies speech about how
troops you
makes result a number of them back up and i thought i'd banning allowed to be
interviewed about how the uh... the gender roles and a little
a little something on the list and sell them on that and i think that like
everything else is defended his chemistry the beautiful together i one
point three i think it's it's it's a it's a
great movie attitude it's it's smart it's true
there are a lot of really good movies are and how the you've you've if you
want big loud fun summer stuff
you've got it s very sexy that star trek the next one
uh... smarter you know talk to your adult dear you've got francis high and
uh... before midnight stories to tell historically that campaign that
bystander last and seen a francis on the path for the reviewer one that had been
out friday and i went on a set of
also a point seven for before them
and ninety seven percent
ten years now


Movie Review -- Before Midnight

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