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  • That was delicious Anne

  • I'm glad you enjoyed it

  • Yes, it was very tasty

  • if you went to Singapore you could have it every day

  • There you are, Mark, the advantages of travel

  • I thought it was absolutely superb

  • Thank you, Steve.

  • What did you think Louise?

  • Too hot!

  • I'm sorry.

  • That's how we eat in Singapore

  • Do you want to play darts?

  • What's that?

  • Come on, I'll show you

  • Can I play too?

  • No Louise. Let Anne relax

  • She cooked dinner, so we'll clean up

  • You have to hold it like this

  • Gently, like this

  • Look where you want the dart to go, and throw it, but not too hard

  • That's pretty good for a beginner

  • Anne, you seem sad again

  • What's the matter?

  • There's something I haven't told you...

That was delicious Anne


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リビングイングリッシュ - 美味しかったよ (Living English - That was delicious)

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