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(cheerful music)
- Good morning guys!
We're gonna go to Tokyo DisneySea today.
I've never been to Sea.
I've been to Disneyland, and it was insane
because I went on a
holiday, and if you've ever

been to Tokyo Disneyland, you know that
weekends and holidays
suck 'cause there are

so many people that you have to line up
for like three hours for each ride.
But today's a weekday, and I think
it's gonna be not so bad.
So it should be enjoyable.
The difference between Tokyo Disneyland
and Tokyo DisneySea, is that Sea
is more aimed at adults, you're allowed
to drink alcohol, and
I think just the whole

atmosphere is just more adult-themed,
but I haven't been in there yet,
so I can't really say much.
But, anyways, let's
go, I'm really excited.

The weather is perfect, and I think
it's gonna be an awesome day.
("Bang Bang Bang" by Big Bang)
We made it!
There's no one here, it's awesome!
So much better than the
last time I was here.

I think we'll actually
be able to enjoy stuff.

I wanna get us costumes,
like little matching
headbands or something,

but I don't know where to get them.
(cheerful music)
(theme park music playing)
(railway cars buzzing)
We're lining up for 20,000
Leagues Under the Sea now,

I heard that this ride's good,
I'm not sure what to expect at all,
I haven't really watched
videos or researched anything,

so it's gonna be a total surprise.
(ride character speaking
in foreign language)

(ride character speaking
in foreign language)

(bell chimes)
(ride character speaking
in foreign language)

(electricity crackles)
(ride character speaking
in foreign language)

That was neat, I wish it was longer,
I liked the octopus.
I really like the scenery here.
It reminds me of a Final Fantasy game.
They should make a Final Fantasy world.
That I would go to like,
every week. (laughs)

He wants to go on that
ride, where there's like

a rollercoaster that drops down,
but I don't know what ride it is.
(speaking in foreign language)
Center of the Earth.
Yay, we found it!
There's a bit of a line up of this one,
but it's only 45 minutes,
which isn't bad at all.

I think this is the worst line up
in the entire park at the moment.
Which is really good!
That one was so cool!
It was really scary, but the
I didn't film inside, because
I didn't wanna drop my camera.

(laughs) There's a really
scary part at the end,

but it was over quick, and yeah.
It was fun, I really recommend that one.
We're gonna go find some lunch now,
Keyboard-san's hungry, I'm thirsty,
so we're gonna see what we can find.
This side of the park's really cool,
it's like mermaid, under the water themed.
(cheerful music)
(theme park music playing)
Keyboard-san got a Reuben
sandwich and some fries,

and I just got this apple tea
soda for now, it's so good.

This was from the New York Deli.
Really recommend this
soda, it's delicious.

There's some show going on behind us
in the water, it's really
loud, can you hear me?

(laughs) We're gonna go ride some rides
while everybody's over
there watching the show.

Hopefully the lines will be short.
We're looking for a
boat ride at the moment.

Not quite sure where to get on it.
(ride operator speaking foreign language)
(ride operator speaking foreign language)
(woman on speakers
speaking foreign language)

This is where Indiana Jones is,
so we're gonna ride the boat to here
and then line up for Indiana Jones.
(ride operator speaking
in foreign language)

(ride operator speaking
in foreign language)

(woman speaking in foreign language)
(people around talking
in foreign language)

(ominous growling)
(people cheering)
(ominous music)
(Sharla laughs)
(ominous music)
(ride character speaking
in foreign language)

(ominous music)
That one was the best
ride, it was really long,

it was so much longer then the other ones.
Really recommend that if you can come here
and just go on one ride,
definitely recommend Indiana Jones.

(people around talking
in foreign language)

We're inside the mermaid area now.
I think it's mostly shops and cafes.
(people around talking
in foreign language)

(theme park music playing)
We're gonna ride the train back down
to the Tower of Terror
now, and do that one,

and that's the last ride on our list
that we really wanna do, so not quite sure
what we'll do after that.
(ride operator speaking
in foreign language)

There's the Tower of
Terror in the background.

I've never been on one before.
(people around talking
in foreign language)

Here it is!
(people around talking
in foreign language)

That was terrifying, I never
wanna ride that ever again.

(laughs) They wouldn't
let me film in there,

so I couldn't show you guys that one,
but there's not really much to film.
You sit inside an elevator, and it goes up
really high, and then it drops super fast
and was like up and down.
Was really scary for people
that don't like heights like me

It's so windy!
(volcano roaring)
We're just taking a little break now.
I got some tea, I'm
starting to get hungry,

I only brought some snacks with me.
Probably gonna go home
soon, but it's just starting

to get dark now, so I wanna go outside
and take some shots of
the park in the dark

because I think the lights
will look really nice,

so we're probably gonna do
that and then head home.

(carousel music playing)
♫ In light and magic
♫ Visions fantastic now
♫ Take flight
(cheerful music)
♫ Ohh
♫ Nants ingonyama bagithi baba
♫ Sithi uhm ingonyama
(theme park music playing)
- The volcano looks really cool.
I hope the fire'll come out of it soon,
I think that'll look neat at night.
I wanna go check out the mermaid area,
'cause I feel like that
would be pretty at night,

I don't know if they light it up or not.
(relaxed hip-hop music)
Alright guys, I'm gonna
say goodnight here.

I hope you enjoyed spending
the day in Tokyo DisneySea

with us, and I will see
you again soon, bye!

(electronic music)


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