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- That was enough for me,
that was the first instance of weirdness.
That was enough, but no, there's more.
- I woke up in a cold sweat thinking,
I must be dreaming, I must be dreaming,
this is terrible, this is terrible.
And she looks at me with a shocked look saying,
like, are you serious?
Are you gonna be so (bleep) about it?
(lively music)
- So I'm gonna tell you all a couple of my worst
roommate stories, same roommate, the girl was really weird.
I lived in a suite with five other girls,
so I was her roommate, and each, there were three rooms,
and we each had, yeah.
I'm sleeping in my bunk bed, I'm on the bottom bunk,
she's on the top bunk,
asleep, I can feel someone looking at me.
I look up and she's literally tilted over the front
of the bunk bed looking down at me.
Why are you, why are you doing that?
Like, what is that?
So I open my eyes, she like retreats,
like she wasn't doing it, I saw you,
you were, I was here, you were there, I saw you.
I try to go back to sleep, I open my eyes again,
and she's there again peering down at me sleeping.
That was enough for me,
that was the first instance of weirdness, that was enough.
But no, there's more.
She was sitting at her desk, I was again, on my bunk bed,
her desk was directly in front of my bunk bed,
and she has these scissors in her hand.
And she takes the scissors and she like, snip,
snips and looks back at me,
and then just places them back in her drawer,
and I'm like (crickets).
So at this point, I'm really nervous,
because she's looked at me in my sleep,
she's snipping scissors at me,
she had no reason to have these scissors out
in the first place.
She used to keep a journal about us.
One day she decides to read the journal aloud to us,
there was nothing bad about me in it, luckily,
but a couple of the girls,
she was saying how she would prefer to strangle them,
and it was really weird, creepy stuff.
We all lived, we survived.
We don't talk to her anymore (laughs),
we bonded over it, we're lifelong friends.
That's my worst roommate story.
- So, I go into college, and I think,
man, everything's gonna be great,
I'm gonna be by myself for the first time.
My high school friend and I decided to apply to a dorm room.
Unfortunately, my roommate and I applied late,
and so we had to get a triple,
and so we would get a third roommate, who we didn't know.
And I thought, how bad can this be?
It was awful.
He started doing a bunch of things
that were a little bit questionable.
He was a really nice guy,
but he was an absolute slob.
Now I get it, we're all a little messy here and there,
he would just leave his clothes
everywhere, literally everywhere.
And for some reason, it was always wet,
and then it smelled like wet dog the entire time.
And because we were only in one room,
that smell permeated onto us.
So I would leave my dorm room smelling like wet dog.
I think, for me though, the last straw was
he decided to come home several nights completely drunk.
It's college, I don't care, you're partying,
it's not my thing.
He would come home at three a.m. wasted, stumbling.
Let me paint you a picture.
I was at the top bunk,
he had the corresponding other top bunk,
and my other roommate, my high school friend,
was in the bottom bunk.
So for this stranger roommate,
he had to climb an entire bunk, drunk
every single night, for what seemed like months.
This, of course, would always wake me up,
but, the kicker is, he would sometimes bring girls home,
and he would start doing the dirty.
And I think he thought he was super sly,
like, I'm drunk, and I can get on this top bunk,
I can bring this girl home,
and my roommates are here, and they're totally asleep.
Let me just say, he wasn't very quiet.
I woke up in a cold sweat thinking,
I must be dreaming, I must be dreaming,
this is terrible, this is terrible.
I turn from my bunk, and I look over,
and he's totally having sex with this girl
on the other bunk.
Are you serious?
Like, who does that?
Needless to say, I didn't last very long in that dorm,
I had to break my contract after only three months,
and I never spoke to him ever again.
- So, in my first year there was
this girl that I met online,
and we filled out a survey,
and we felt like we had everything similar.
Like, we thought we were gonna be roommates,
and like friends, like best friends, whatever.
Things started getting really weird
when I realized she moved for a girl she had met online
three years before.
That girl was much older,
but she was always present,
so even though we would have one-on-one chats
about our room, the girl would be adding her girlfriend.
And suddenly, this girlfriend was involved in everything,
even though she didn't go to our school, and she was older.
It started as like,
the girlfriend just popping in to our room randomly.
One day, I noticed that they made a classifieds post
that said, my friend is trying to become a hairstylist,
and so she's giving out free haircuts.
And I thought, okay, that's weird.
One day I came from a class and I noticed there was
some random people outside of our hall,
like people I've never seen before.
I keep going, and then I see people in our living room,
and then when I get closer to my room,
my door is propped open, there's newspapers everywhere.
And the girlfriend is giving someone a haircut in my room
without any prior knowledge,
without even asking me, or saying anything at all.
I told her, this isn't okay,
can't you do it somewhere else?
And she looks at me with a shocked looking,
saying, like, are you serious?
Are you gonna be so (bleep) about it?
She stopped that day,
about two or three weeks later,
I got a text message,
she was like, hey, just a heads up,
I'm gonna be giving haircuts again,
and I just thought to let you know.
And I was kind of like, I told you that that's not okay,
I'm not down for that.
And she said, well,
you're not even in the room at that time,
so you just be happy that I told you at all, (laughs).
I got kinda lucky, cause they broke up.
It turned out that that girlfriend
was cheating on my roommate.
My roommate hated the school,
and only went there for that girl.
It led my roommate to actually leave school
and move to Thailand only three months into
our first year of college.
So I got an empty room for myself,
for like, the rest of the year, (laughs).
(lively music)
- Hey guys, we're, (all together) Paralight.
- Did you know it's Hispanic heritage month?
(speaks in foreign language)
- For more latino content...
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College Roommate Horror Stories

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