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Last weekend, you were at the iHeartRadio --
iHeartRadio music festival.
It was out in Vegas. -Yeah.
-And -- a really, really cool guy --
A cool guy.
-Brought you -- brought you on stage.
Very cool guy.
His name is Justin Timberlake.
Yeah. He's good. You know him? -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ]
We're actually pretty good friends now.
What's that?
We're actually pretty good friends now.
Yeah, what's that?
We're pretty good friends now.
What's that?
[ Laughter ]
Um... -How was that? Was it fun?
-Yeah. It was. -Come on.
It was the coolest thing of my entire life, right there.
Look at that. He's the greatest.
[ Cheers and applause ]
And you did "Cry Me a River"?
No, we didn't do "Cry Me a River."
We did "What Goes Around Comes Around."
Who's the better friend now? -Oh, that's what you did.
[ Laughter ]
I wasn't there, though. I wasn't there.
Yeah, you weren't there. Sorry, sorry.
That's all right. I wasn't there.
You follow him on Instagram, though, right?
Uh, no. I just hang out with him
outside of fake social media.
I'm not really his friend. Anyway.
[ Laughter ]
But no, that's good.
You posed for a picture with him. It was great.
-I got it. -I really loved that.
Well, have you guys ever done bits together?
-We haven't. -He likes you.
-He does. Yeah. -I know he does.
I think he does. I hope he does.
He definitely does. -Yeah, yeah.
I mean, he likes other people, too.
Yeah, he likes other people. [ Laughter ]
-He doesn't like everybody. -He likes a lot of people.
Yeah, he likes -- nah, not really.
He's very selective, actually.
[ Laughter ]
The more I think about it, he only likes one person.
I was hearing,
when I was there, actually, I got off stage.
He doesn't really do that with many people.
Like, it's really rare that he brings people on stage.
So he must really like me.
[ Laughter and applause ]
No, but in all -- in all seriousness,
honestly, like, I got to play with him, John Mayer,
and Ed Sheeran within the same two years.
[ Cheers and applause ]
I mean, I'm pretty sure the first time we spoke,
you asked me who one of my idols was,
and I said Justin Timberlake.
Yeah, you did.
Yeah. Dude, it was just insane.
And he's -- and he's super nice, too.
He's so nice and so insanely talented.
He's one of those guys you want to meet, like you.
He's like -- every time somebody goes,
"Who are your idols?"
I say his name, but I always add,
"Not just as a musician, but as a person."
Like, everything he's been able to do.
Just the way he is and, you know,
he's just a great person.
So, yeah. Anyways, it was cool. He likes me more.
[ Laughter ]
-Let's talk about -- Let's talk about --
[ Laughter ]
That's a thing of the past.
No one even -- [ Laughter ]
-No one even cares. -No one even remembers.
No one cares. Yeah, yeah. But I don't care.
No one cares.
They only remember that you were on stage with Justin Timberlake.
What's the big deal?
You know what we should talk about?
That I thought was really funny. -Yeah?
When you performed in front of Dave Grohl.
Oh, yeah. You like this story.
So, yeah. -Yeah, let's talk about that.
That's a great story.
A great story. Simple story.
Really -- it's not as intricate as my last story.
But basically Dave Grohl came to watch me play in Quebec.
Do you get nervous? I mean --
Yeah. But I was actually more amped up.
Like, "Dave Grohl's here. Got to do --
I don't know what I'm gonna do, but I'm gonna do it.
Whatever that is." -Yeah.
And I'm on stage.
And I'm really feeling the show.
And I'm like, "This is my moment.
Jump off, jump. Like, jump."
What do you mean, jump?
-I don't know. -Jump where?
So, there's a -- it's a massive stage and there's --
there's another section of the stage that's a lot lower.
A lot lower than I thought it was.
[ Laughter ]
And Dave Grohl is, like, right here on the side of the stage.
And he's sitting cross-legged, watching us with his daughter.
And I'm like, "I hope he sees me jump."
-And you're gonna jump, do a move.
And I'm, like, this one part where everything goes silent
and I jump, and I'm like, "This is the coolest."
I'm in the air. And I'm like, "This is really low."
Long. [ Laughter ]
And I fell.
Next thing you know, it's like Will Smith's birthday.
Yeah. Exactly.
You're bungee-jumping.
I was bungee jump-- I was fully on the ground.
-But I hopped up quick. -You hopped up quick.
Well, the good news is that no one got it --
no one got on videotape.
Yeah, no. Everybody got it on videotape.
[ Laughter ]
-Oh, is that true? -Yeah, it's true.
Oh, we have it right here? Oh, here's a cl--
Here's clip of Shawn Mendes wiping out mid-performance.
Take a look at this.
[ Laughter ]
-It's like -- it's like this much too long.
And I look like I've never jumped in my life.
It looks like my first -- -You were free falling.
It was like, "Aah!"
It was a tiny -- It was a tiny skydive.
-It looked like my first time ever trying to jump, yes.
[ Laughter ]
That's great.
But you know what he said to me right before I went on stage
that I thought was so funny?
He said, "Don't break a leg," which I thought was so great.
-Wow, interesting. -Yeah.
And then I was like, I almost broke my leg.
-You almost did, actually. Yeah. -Yeah, yeah.
-But now we just text about barbecue and stuff.
It's great.
We have a good friendship, like me and J.T.
It's similar. [ Laughter ]
Do you have Dave Grohl's phone number?
Yeah, I do.
-Huh. I got to talk to Justin about that.
[ Laughter ]


Shawn Mendes and Jimmy Argue Over Who Justin Timberlake Likes More

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