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Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome back to
But, we've cut the source of the entire problem.
I'm pretty sure there's only a little bit of...
Oh no, there's just fertilizer in there!
So the slime..
... Is almost gone.
And it emits contaminated water. Admittedly, I did not know that,
but hopefully that's not going to do too much to my supply of fresh water, unless it's exactly like the
contaminated oxygen and kinda contaminates the whole thing.
I hope it doesn't, because then I've got a whole 'nother problem.
after we research Sanitation Services
we'll actually be able to purify
this entire area. And in doing so
hopefully rid ourselves of everything
that has been plaguing us thus far. Which,
namely is contaminated oxygen. But from
that point we will be able to continue
on our way. And that is apparently the
drip drop of contaminated water,
which I didn't know it was going to do that
for the outflow pipe. I wish I would've known
that but, I didn't so I'm just going to
prioritize building of this dump
hopefully that allowed to collect over there.
I don't need to do it much more, in fact I'm pretty sure
It's gotta be almost done-
Is it done??
Is it done???
Why does it keep going 'insufficient resources'?
How is it using more slime?
Aha, okay, it's done. It's done, it's dead.
There is no more!
The bio distiller is done,
and I can destroy it now.
I'm just gonna do that. I don't even need
it anymore do I?
I don't need it! Why would I need it
I don't
Just d-done
Holy shit! It's done the slime is gone
forever and it looks like we just
research sanitation services which is
awesome. I'm going to do power regulation
next but tomorrow
that means we got air deodorizer. Perfect
so I can use this right here because
that way.. This is pretty much the source of it
I'm gonna build three I don't know how
much it's going to take and I don't know
if it's going to power anything like
that but I've got three of them!
Hopefully we're going to be able to pump
this shit out of here. Get me some
obsidian up in here, I need to build me a
I need to prioritize that
Don't I
I need to stop abusing my priorities
Okay, but after this, once it's done, I'm going
to let it run for a bit
we're going to see how the oxygen does
which I think it'll be okay - I think it's
gonna do well. Now this is a matter of carrying on
whOa what happened, oh! We just researched okay
power regulation: done
Okay, interior decorating, I might do that next
Good good good!
Nice! Aw hell yeah! Ooh! I can make a
That'd be nice, I'm sure people would like that
Actually I can make it right here
No, I need an inflow and an outflow... naw I need-
I need to make pipes for a shower. I would
need like a whole plumbing system and I
don't have that
Woahh! Hey buddies!
How you doing in there?
You enjoying yourselves?
I shouldn't have killed you...
I shouldn't have killed you!
Okay, so we did the research, so the problem is we need a
filtration medium, and I don't know what
that is. What is a filtration medium?
Is it like- is that just a raw material?
Or are we talk about something else here?
Wait, oh, whoa, okay, alright then- ooooh it's working!
Okay so what these needed... What are they using...
Sand? Are they using sand? They're using sand
Yes? No? Maybe so? I think they're using sand
Yeah, they must be
Oh. Okay, so I dug out a lot of sand from
when I just was over here, but that's okay
that's actually good, that's REALLY good
Okay, so those are working now. YAAAY!
Maybe I shouldn't have had all three right there
Maybe I should just have one there
I don't know if they need power by
themselves but I can always build more
uh, all over the place, and that is just as good
So air deodorizer there's a lota'
contaminated air right there~ there's some
contaminated air right there~
Oh, we're gonna clean this bad boy
We're gonna clean this bad boy OUT!
OHH we're going to clean this bad boy out
Okay, so we're doing really really good
What are we researching right now
Nothing. So fine dining in the- fuck
We don't need to do anything about that
Oh boy, alright, umm... Combustion, medbay,
insulation, uhhhmm man, cold generator, hydrogen
generator, interior decoration, we got all
that stuff. Pressure management- let's do
fine dining, why not,
maybe we could- Cause food seems to be the
next thing that we don't have a lot of
I'm just gonna turn this priority back down to five
Oh boy. So those are being scrubbed... We probably
need a lot more sand but that's gonna
come from digging over here
Which I think we're going to do very soon. So I
can get rid of this piping, I'm pretty
sure, but I-I'll leave it there just for
now, because I don't know if we're gonna
use it right away, you're not going to use it
wHOA, okay, another person then, that came
Woah, Braynen, irratable bowel...
Level two... Mozzerella, anemic, oh boy
You know what! MOZZeralla!! I like me some
cheese, so you're doing fine buddy boo
you're gonna be fine. So what I need
to do is I need to sweep up everything to
get more sand for this stuff. So that's
full already, geez
Alright well, that's nice at least that's
got materials where they need to be
that's still running, that's not running
yet... but that will be running, they'll be
running soon enough. We just need to sweep up
everything, but I don't know where we're
going to sweep it up. We don't have a lot
of storage... So I guess I could put more
storage here
so- I-ergh-I don't know what's the best thing that
I can hope for... So what we have, in this
episode, what we have is we have a lot of
stuff. And we've got a lot of solutions
to our problems in terms of like the air
purification and whatnot, and you know, we
got more people to help out the problems.
We probably need to get food a little
bit higher up there, which, I'm probably
gonna- I'm probably gonna base that out in here... I
have this and then a bigger battery here and
then another food processor here... and there,
and then, you know what, I'm gonna cancel
these, cause these are stupid. Uhhh, wish I didn't put that there... Umm, then
microbe puuh-sher... So that's fine. We're a
little stressed, I get it, especially
Lenny- Lenny is just a big ol' ball of
stress, but everyone else seems to be
dealing just fine, because at least they
understand the world may not be nice, but
we're going to try our best. So I know I
know I know I know that things are not
very happy in this place but at least we
will be okay. It's not going to be great but
we're going to be okay. Okay, so I'm gonna
let them finish this up for now, I'm
gonna let them do their thing, they're
going to keep going,
that's going to be absolutely fine,
whatever, it's all good in MY
neighborhood, but next, we need to make a
We need to make a GOOD move to make this
someplace actually liveable, and the ONLY
way that we're going to be able to do
that is by building anew. Now, I'm a
little bit worried about all the
chlorine gas over here, but I want to
provide a good home for my family. So
what we've been doing is we have been
like we've been- ah, we've been
researching a lot of stuff and we
getting- been getting the nuances of what
this stuff is. But that doesn't mean that
we're a hundred percent where we should be.
There's a lot more that we could do here
and I'm hoping, I'm hoping that once we
like, excavate all of this stuff, we'll
finally be able to go where we need to
go, we'll finally be able to do what we need
to do, we'll finally be able to provide
these people with a good home to live in
I dunno when that's gonna be, but it's gonna happen.
So I'm just gonna let them run for a bit
while I plan, because I have a lot of
plans that I need to do and I don't
exactly know where I'm gonna go, when I'm
gonna do those things, but I've got it!
And I've got it all under control.
Okay, so I've let them do their thing for a
little bit but what I've got here is... I've
got the beginnings of rooms that I'm
going to be building and I don't know if
I'm gonna have 'em like this.
I might actually have these doors NOT be
Yeah, I don't think I'm going to do the doors
Naw, cancel that. Just have them be big rooms and
this one's a big room. I'm just not going
to go near the chlorine just yet, until I
know how to deal with that, but they have
rooms, and they have airlocks. And the
airlocks will keep things in, hopefully. So
when they're in, hopefully that means
that the air in there will stay, you know,
normal, we can put an allergy thing in
there, uh, for oxygen production, there should
be no other reason for them to be in there
if they're just in there for, um, you know
just being there for what it is
So, this must be built on the ground, so
we can have, basically, one in the front
and one in the back and that should be
more than enough to deal with all the
carbon dioxide that's gonna be in there,
I hope anyway... maybe, huh, maybe not. Oh boy, another guy...
Man, these are coming faster and faster... aLRIGHT-
Ernestine! Dimensionally inept, can't
build... Well that's no good. Narcoleptic, diver's lungs?
Hey! I like that. OOH, NORI the bodybuilder,
I can get with that... Hello Nori! Come on in. Alright, we got
a lot of work to do Nori. Oh my god, they are
running out of oxygen here.
Holy shit, they need a lot of oxygen. Okay
so yeah, I get it,
oxygen seems to be- OH my god oxygen is
dwindling fast. Okay, hold on, I did not
see how bad the oxygen situation was. So
we need to solve that, right now, we don't
have algae?? Why do we not have algae... Oh, god dammit guys
I told you to- why haven't you fuckin' done this
Get the goddamn algae. God, I don't know
how to get- I don't know how to get algae
other than just grabbing it out of that
thing. Man, we need more oxygen production, and now
build this... These have got to be priority number one,
these have to be priority. We need to build a power connection to
do them... and that's gotta be priority...
Well, this is bad. They might die. Ohhh no.
Yeee that's not good.
Also, these algae terrariums don't seem
to be doing exactly-
Ughhh, they aren't doing enough.
Goddammit, we need algae, we need a lot of algae...
Ooh- did that person just piss their pants?!
Where did all this contaminated water
come from?? Somebody just shit themselves
over here?! Gus, was that you? Did you guys get
the algae? Please tell me you did. Thank
you, you did, okay, but we need a lot more
algae than that. So the thing is, there is slime
here that can be converted into algae, but I
just don't wanna do that.
Oh yeah. Well, I think Mozzarella just
shit himself.
That's good to know. You know what,
just get this *mumbles*
Alright. Well, we are doing poorly.
This is going badly. The goodliness of
all this stuff that IS going is not as
good as I thought it was going to be.
In fact, it's much more badder than I
thought it might have been, but- man. So
the problem is these will stop if gas
pressure reaches maximum. So that means they
just have to eventually clear out on
their own.
I don't know how long that's gonna take,
but... let's make that priority again...
Jeez... my rooms aren't gonna be built
soon enough.
There's just not enough algae. How do
you make more algae? Is there a way to
make more algae? Is it to do with the
planter box? Like, could it just be as
easy as making planter boxes, because I
hope so. Cause if it's not, then I might be
royally screwed.
Yeah, cause if we can't make more algae, so many
of these, like, devices just run purely on
algae. I KNOW! They don't build algae! How is
that a thing?! How do you build- how do you
get more algae? Is there just no way
to get more algae? Is it literally
cause the resources around me are
saying that "algae is about to reach its
I'm not going to be able to reach enough.
And, like, I know there's a way to make
oxygen out of water, but that doesn't
stop the fact that carbon dioxide is
going to build up anyway. I mean I know
there's- I know there's, um, I know
there's definitely the scrubber... Oh no.
Ohh no, everybody is stressed as much as you
can be.
That's not good. OHH, this might be the end
of us!
Ohh this might be the end... Ohh no. OHH NOO, the
colony is troubled by stress.
I don't know how to fix it
Oh boy. Ai yayayai. At Least they got me
overlays, that's nice. High-odor, high decor,
low decor... man. Oh man.
The problem is, the way I've built this
whole place is illogical. The way I built
this is not in any way listening to
the way, you know, you SHOULD build
something, I should have carved it out
like, individually, I should have- I should
have been much more studious about where
I was going to go,
I should have done a lot of things that
I didn't do, oh man, and I feel like I've
betrayed my people because I-I didn't know.
I didn't know, I didn't know guys! You've
been subjected to such horrors and now
you're going to run out of algae and
then you're gonna run out of oxygen and then
everything is going to die.
I don't know, trying my best, but I feel
like my best just isn't good enough.
Lashing out? Oh no, they broke out in a
Auh, I can't help you! Lenny has always been
Whoa, Lenny, did you just break something?
Lenny, did you just break that? Lenny you
Lenny, use your feelings. Oh no, oh, it's all
going to shit isn't it? It's all gone to
shit. I shoulda TRIED harder!
I should have KNOWN better! I should have
done EVERYTHING better than what I've done
now!! I can't live with my sHAAAME! Oh and Max
has to clean up the mess... Man, it's grown
into such a kerfuckle that I just don't
see the proper way to be able to
fix all of this.
I wonder what awaits me in the darkness.
Cause it doesn't seem like there's enough-
doesn't seem like I could DO enough.
Doesn't seem like I could do anything for
these guys.
Where does it end? Where does it begin?
How do I do this? Like, how can I reclaim
everything that I've done up until this
point? How can I reclaim it?
I might have to scrap and start over but
I can't, and unhinge the systems that
I've put in place. The only
systems that keep these people alive, its
dependant on resources that I just don't
have anymore.
Oh no, oh boy. I should've thought more about
this, I should've been building rooms as
I was digging out instead of letting them
live in the dirt. Yeah,
Red Alert! I don't know what Red Alert means.
But Red Alert is happening.
I just wanted you all to feel even more
stressed than you already were, which is
maximum. Which is totally my fault, I
understand, this is totally my fault, I am a
hundred percent at fault here.
But I just wanted to say how sorry I am for
misleading you.
Okay so anyway, I'm gonna end this one here.
I really don't know. I don't know how to
fix this, because I've built such a
monster here, such an illogical monster,
by the way, but I've built such a monster
that I don't think I can bring it back
from here, BUT I think that I've learned
enough to be able to start over and
start fresh, and build something that's
actually worth building, and something
that won't kill everyone in it. Which is
going to happen eventually, I just don't
want to watch it happen. So either way,
thank you everybody so much for watching!
I have learned a ton about this, so the
next time I come back to this, I will be
able to do this much more efficiently. Oh boy.
Whose lashing there-
Gus, I'm sorry- G-GUS. GUS, COME ON, RED
stop Gus!
Alright well, aw Gus is happy now. All right
then. So, thank you everybody so much for
watching, and as always, I will see YOU
in the next video! Bye-bye!
*Markiplier's outro music*


Oxygen Not Included | Part 5 | IS ALL HOPE LOST?!

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