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  • The world's tiniest prison is located on Sark Island of the United Kingdom. It was built

  • in 1856 and is still used for overnight stays, but it can house only two inmates.

  • What The FAK: The facts and knowledge on Prisons.

  • San Pedro Prison is the biggest in Bolivia and is home to about 1,500 inmates. But beyond

  • the thick wall and security gates, any resemblance to a normal jail disappears. There are children

  • playing, markets, hairdressers, and even a hotel; but no guards, uniforms, or metal bars.

  • Inmates have to pay their way while inside, including paying for the cell that they live

  • in. The police do not go inside or interfere as inmates are expected to resolve their own

  • problems through elected representatives.

  • Leoben Minimum Security Prison in Austria looks more like a high-end apartment complex

  • than a prison. It has an abundant amount of natural light, a court-yard, and barred off

  • balconies. And, the average prisoner gets their own kitchenette, comfortable furniture,

  • and a TV. Inmates can also enjoy a game of tennis, indoor soccer, a weight room, or romantic

  • conjugal visit suites.

  • At the other end of the prison spectrum is the US Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum

  • Facility, or ADX, located in Florence, Co. It was constructed in response to several

  • security breaches and correctional officer injuries at other maximum security prisons.

  • ADX is best known for housing inmates who have been deemed too dangerous, too high-profile,

  • or too great a national security risk such as leaders of violent gangs, domestic and

  • foreign terrorists, and inmates at high escape-risk. Cells have a desk, a stool, and a bed which

  • are almost entirely made out of concrete, as well as a toilet that shuts itself off

  • if blocked, and a shower where the water runs on a timer to prevent flooding.

  • .

  • Alcatraz is one of the most well known prisons in the world. It was a maximum high security

  • federal prison located on Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco bay, and operated from

  • 1934-1963. It was designed to hold prisoners who continually caused trouble at other federal

  • prisons, and held some of the most hardened criminals in Americas history including Al

  • Capone and George "Machine Gun" Kelly. It was believed to be inescapable and America's

  • strongest prison. A total of 36 prisoners made 14 escape attempts during its 29 years

  • of operation, but it was closed march 21st, 1963 due to high maintenance costs and a poor

  • reputation.

  • Aranjuez Prison in Spain is the only one in the world to house two-parent inmate families.

  • The units come with cribs, Disney characters on the walls, and have access to a playground.

  • When the children turn 3 they have to leave the prison to be looked after by family. They're

  • still debating on the success of the program and the health of the children, so there are

  • no plans to expand the program.

  • The Fortezza Medicea Restaurant opened in 2006 to the public as an alternative dining

  • experience. A 20-person team of inmates, made up of robbers and convicted murderers, prepare

  • and serve 120 covers for diners who have undergone strict security and background checks. All

  • guests are served with plastic plates and cutlery inside of this prison restaurant.

  • Bastoy Minimum Security Prison is located on the small, scenic Bastoy Island, about

  • an hour from Oslo, Norway. The prison is organized as a small, local community with about 80

  • buildings, roads, beach zones, a football field, and agricultural land. The farming

  • is ecological, the prison handles most of their own trash, and there is a constant focus

  • on minimizing CO2 emissions, and this progressive prison has been criticized by some for being

  • more like a summer camp than a correctional facility.

  • One weekend in April, and every sunday in October, Louisiana is home to the Angola Prison

  • Rodeo. Thousands enter the prison complex to see the show that started in 1965. Black

  • and white striped cowboys compete in events like the "convict poker", "wild cow milking",

  • and bull riding. You can hear inmate bands playing, eat food made from old family recipes,

  • and even buy arts and crafts made by the prisoners themselves.

  • Cebu Prison in the Philippines is famous for its dancing inmates. It was an evolution of

  • the exercise program that turned into an internet sensation. 1,500 prisoners are able to contribute

  • to the performances, and they do so at charitable and cultural events, as well as live performances,

  • after which spectators can have their pictures taken with the inmates.

  • Built in 1876 Spandau Prison was notable for housing many Nazi war criminals after World

  • War 2. It was decided that the building should come down to prevent a Nazi shrine from being

  • built. They chose 1987 because that is when the prison's last inmate finally died at the

  • age of 93, and he'd been the only inmate since 1966. Rudolf Hess was guarded on a rotation

  • for those 21 years by allied guards of Americans, French, Brits, and even Soviets because he'd

  • been sentenced to spend his life in prison, and they wanted to make sure that he did...

  • I'm gonna leave you with this guy. He escaped high security prisons twice. Who is he, and

  • what was his escape method of choice?

  • Before we go here's last video's winner. Be sure to subscribe for more Vsauce2 and, as

  • always, thanks for watching.

The world's tiniest prison is located on Sark Island of the United Kingdom. It was built


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